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  • pacenet_2000 pacenet_2000 Mar 1, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    CBS is running promos on the disaster facing Chinese ...

    ... real estate. I think this is old news but if they run it in on Sunday night on 60 minutes it can't be good for XIN on Monday. But then again, it could be a great opportunity for us to load up below 5 for the next run-up!

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    • Who watches CBS? Certainly not market movers, the speculation on China Real Estate is this, build supply and fill it with people and stores. Problem is this, companies like XIN are charging a fortune and still filling them up, some are not filling up these projects and people can't afford to live in a condo/house. The middle class is still developing in CHina if it even exists at all. There are more people in the upper middle class/rich range these devolpment companies are targeting, just like America. If there is a surplus of property prices will certainly fall. But my daughter and I where in Walmart looking at US Flags, we noticed a large one that caught our eye, MADE IN CHINA, we moved on. She's 8 and said Dad thats garbage! I said that would transfer wealth outside of this country something we will try to curb,

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    • There is no way China's Gov. will allow pre - determination of its economy condition ; this is hashed out ol news.
      It is like looking back a few Q's and saying the prognosis of xin is that when in reality we just had a stormin quarter, the div. was raised and the PPS shot up to a new high of $5.97 only pulling back to $5.90 (AH $5.88) ; so shorties find a new horse to beat so you can make a buck, but be very careful you don't get caught with your D*** in your hand in the open....

      GLTA Looooooooongs..............................above $6. Monday for sure.

    • When the disaster does come they won't broadcast it before it happens. Anything you see in the mainstream media you can discount. When we had our real estate meltdown the media didn't broadcast anything until after the fact.

    • I will be watching it!

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