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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Mar 28, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    Remember I made a post that Friday afternoon before the 60 mins showing?

    And warned that 60 mins show is influential enough to put pressure on chinese real estate. Xin took the hit and has not recovered. It was on its way to 10. Now, stuck between high 4 and low 5, testing your nerves.

    Here's another heads up. Get into CTIX with funds meant for speculative play ASAP. first suggested ctix about 1-2 weeks ago at 1.5s. today at 1.75. that's chicken feed.

    ctix can be a game changer in every sense of the word. think of msft/goog/amzn in its early days.

    ctix incubates promising drugs. Its leading agent kevetrin has been tested against many resistant cancer cell lines and has beaten the current regimen of choice, amazingly, with no significant toxicities. apparently, one gene, p53, which signals a healthy cell to die off when the times come, in many cancer patients is often dysfunctional. kevetrin turns it back on, allowing the cancer cell to commit suicide. Elegant!

    kevetrin is being tested in humans in harvard's dana faber and beth isreal since 11/2012. a gene marker is being tested to follow up on the progress and the report on that is coming out any time now. I repeat, ANY TIME NOW.

    if positive, off to the race.

    there are many other aspects of ctix that need some serious reading, slowly, to fully comprehend, so i won't bore you now. if i can do it, so can u!

    take a serious look. other smaller companies with less than promising drugs get bought up at huge multiples since big pharms' pipelines are drying up due to patent expiration, at a price of 1 to 10 billion. figure out how much that translate into per share. me don't think your lovely xin can do that.

    you missed my post on 60 mins, no big deal: less profit, being stuck. you miss ctix, you miss UPSIDE that does not come by often.

    why would a chinaman got turned on by a biotech? simple. i can smell the money. i can smell a great thing from a mile away. that is why i am here, not there plowing the rice field.

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