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  • teknowiz teknowiz Apr 4, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Zhang Yong's mind

    I believe he owns a major portion of the company.

    Ever wonder what must be going thru Mr. Yong's mind?

    Mr. Zhang really likes the fact that XIN is NYSE listed company.

    Has it really done any good to him?

    XIN has been public company for over 5 years, in that time,
    XIN has lost 66% of its value since going public.
    XIN has grown revenues 4 fold.
    XIN has made a ton of money in the hot Chinese real estate, to the point where company's net cash balance is far greater than what market assigns to its cash and net assets.
    XIN's assets are now over a billion dollars.

    So would this ever be crossing his mind? Why is my company being treated like trash? Can I do anything about it?

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    • IPO gave cash long ago. Last of downward pressure shares have been sold off -- last big group in fall 2012. Company has cash; has competent, consistent CEO -- he has been running the same value proposition for years and it's working....He has stated that he likes to be on the NYSE. Eventually, the market will catch up --- given cash position and methodical execution - it's not clear he needs anything right now.... Should be really fun when the brooklyn project starts to sell for big profits -- you can pretty much see wall street from there.... I'm looking at this as a nice dividend producing stock with astronomical upside and very little downside. Have traded some based on technicals -- there is opportunity there in the short term too. GLTA

    • Also, the fact that there is ZERO institution support must also be on his mind. This is a publicly traded company and when there is zero support by serious investors, it is a slap on the face.

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      • "he has been running the same value proposition for years and it's working"

        Oh nice, I want my stock to be valued 30% of book value for many years. That is nice value proposition! That is great achievement.

        "Eventually, the market will catch up"

        Thats what I have been hearing for 2 years. Yes market did finally catch up in 5 years declaring that XIN is not a Chinese mom and pop shop selling home made ultra cheap toys. Is that enough?

    • you can't because chances are you don't have enough shares to have a say. i agree with you that this company on the pr front is lacking a great deal. but others like star seems to be quite content with the way it is. just goes to show what this world is made of.

      i think on some level zhang yong must realize his listing on nyse has been a failure. any time the public undervalues a company the ceo is responsible. he simply has not connected with western investors effectively and apparently he does not know how.

      for instance, as i said this morning, there is a big difference in the website content in chinese and in english (i can read both). why is english reading investors be treated inferiorly, given less information on co development?

      can you think of a reason? this i think goes beyond even pr, but common sense. if you list your company in an english speaking country, why don't you provide english speaking investors equal access to the information???

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      • LOL! I love XIN being undervalued. I trade 2%-3% weekly. I hope to do this for many years.

        Mr Zhang likes being listed on the NYSE....and it has served him well. He currently owns around 42% of a rapidly growing company paying him a $6 million growing dividend a year.

        Zhang is obviously a long term shareholder unlike most on this msg board who want to flip their shares for a quick profit. I can easily put myself in his place.....and see why his priorities are not the same as the small time retail stock flippers who frequent these msg boards.

      • I know I cant.

        I was alluding to Mr. Yong thinking 'Can I do anything about it?'

        Another thought is, getting due respect in market for proper valuation is everything for Entrepreneur. Thats what they live and die for? Ego/respect is everything for them,

        Does Mr. Yong have any pride that is hurt by this trashy treatment in US market?

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