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  • boulmichone boulmichone Apr 8, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    One way China's sities grow and prosper!

    As the Great Chinese leaders wisely move people from the farms to the cities, they contribute SIX times more to Chinese GDP than they did on the farm. Thus moving 10 to million people a year easily contributes to 6 to 8% of GDP ... just out of demographics. The prosperity and greatness of the Chinese people is UNSTOPPABLE as they march to total economic success! And XIN will be at the forefront!!!

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    • Look at the data.. China is at the tail end of urbanization process kicked off by Deng Xiaoping. The Chinese urbanization percentage is a tad over 50 %. Most developed economies are over 80 % but the agricultural space is efficient. Touring the agricultural areas of China without a state employed handler, whimsically titled a tour guide, quickly bares the truth about China. Even North Korea has a higher urbanization percentage but the world knows about the policy of forced starvation necessary to allow such a percentage. How is China to solve an agricultural sector operating at a technological level of over a hundred years ago? China has no creditable national currency to buy its way out of the problem like Japan. With a aging baby boom generation without any support other than familial, which at its root has eroded to an unsustainable level through the one-child policy, the problems of China are insurmountable. (Can you say Great Leap Forward Part 2?). China will go the way of all economic system based on communist principles. China's leadership has doodled its opportunity. Instead of developing a middle class and innovation, corruption has scooped off Deng Xiaoping's gains to make fat cats fatter and ignoring the Chinese people. As Xi Jinping has deftly noted corruption is a major obstacle for China. Sadly, Xi Jinping will need to be a once-in-millennium leader to avert the inevitable disaster

      The Chinese people need to stop listening to the hallow rantings of economic success made by corrupt politicians. Yes, it is better than most of you are not knee deep in rice paddies or sweating in a wheat field for your primary activity. Is moving to a polluted city to park cars, sweep a street, or guard an empty building really the best a Chinese person can do? What will happen when China loses its wage rate advantage? Do you remember the collapse of the Soviet Union. What forces were at play resulting in its rapid disintegration?

    • You and Pacenet, wave your red flag. This statement of yours needs a word change, so let me help.
      'The prosperity and greatness of the Chinese people is UNSTOPPABLE as they march to CONSUME' the US
      (or any other country), you're stupid enough to hand to them with their laundered money.

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      • 'Overstated exports would mean China is failing to get the boost from global demand that the data suggest as the new government under Premier Li Keqiang seeks to sustain an economic rebound. Theories include companies inflating the value of shipments to bring money into China, according to Nomura Holdings Inc., and exporting the same goods twice as local governments seek to boost data, Goldman Sachs says.'

        Tell me about it Wal. Not the answer you expected is it? You can't bait me Wally, I'm not that stupid.

      • Your hatred of China blinds you to the opportunity that Xin presents

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