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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Apr 21, 2013 6:38 AM Flag

    OT; here is the deal on american politics

    america, the greatest country ever existed, has issues. it wants to act like the big brother to the universe, therefore, it has a price to pay for that title and role. many countries and cultures roll over upon american influence and might, except the muslims. america finally met its match. america's free spending, free thinking, free living is checked by islam's radical approach on a totally different frequency.

    if america wants to play tough, like isreal does, then america needs to act tough by curbing in all the "freedoms". strong govt, police state, zero tolerance, spycam everywhere, everything dangerous registered, severe punishment for offenders, like death penalty on the spot by firing squads :)

    if america wants to last and play smart, america needs to offer the muslims the olive branch and initiate peace among the world.

    there is so much obama can learn---he is capable enough---from ancient chinese secrets.

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    • If USA, Russia and China get together this menance will be so yesterday!

    • There has been radicals in all major immigration factions that came to america, the irish had them when exploited into the mines, the poles had them, the jews had a group that hated america, if all come here and all don't adjust and asimulate then you have potential for a spin off radical group. That said ;

      Unfortunately america has started down a negative slope via the increasing seperation of classes, rich and poor the middle is dwindling to the point you will see more disgrunted and radicals in the increasing poor, many that can't provide anymore with just start to take, the very rich have not reinvested their spoils within the usa but rather taken it into shelters and overseas companies leaving more and more jobless or insufficient wages to maintain their life style. I predict in 10 years a major uprising or even splitting of states / groups of people and america entering the same problems plaguing the rest of the world with split unrest internal strife.

      PS - Has anyone on TV / FBI / HLS / CIA ask where does 2 young partial students getthe money for funding all the equipment, vehicles, guns, bullets, B making material designer cloths yet claim to be just students struggling to get and education, follow the money trail and you will see where the leaders and sponsors are IMO. The FBI interview the older brother in 2011 from a report of radicalish link via a russia org. then went back to russia to stay in a village where his father lives and the leader of the radical russian islamic group is from, links there are planty of them if you take the time to do DD (analysis again IMO)

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      • "Therehas been radicals in all major immigration factions that came to america, the irish had them when exploited into the mines, the poles had them, the jews had a group that hated america, if all come here and all don't adjust and asimulate then you have potential for a spin off radical group.
        All of these have assimilated in USA and most non-Muslims have assimilated. They have not raised against USA except the radical Muslims!
        If the radicals love Shariat Law- migrate to Saudi Arabia- they can have their religion and the Shariat law!

    • Olive branch, **** you buddy. Its not going to work, eliminating them is the ONLY way it will work. ANY suspected terrorist training camps should be leveled, if your wedding looks like a training camp, not my problem. You should have avoided inviting terrorists to your wedding.

      Germany, we should have "talked" them out of killing everybody???

      Japan, we should have "talked" them out of killing us???


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      • Being born in an anarchic country , it's so easy to take some eclectic views based on that free mind.
        Having inside the most absolute peace loving every place, every corner of America. All the Americas.
        And also have been fortunate to work in many countries but never in USA. USA only for resting weeks or to study.
        (Americans didn’t want to work @ the Caribbean islands and didn’t like to spend for a long time in Mexico: Lucky enough to replace you with a lot pleasure).
        The real anarchists aren’t violent. Just don’t take orders from anyone and never would accept a uniform to defend a flag.
        All my life (55) without having touched a gun. I've had them close many times but never wanted to touch any kind of weapon. So can confirm you its possible.
        And through the hard work and study one becomes conservative. My parents didn’t finish primary school and spent the money in the education of my brother and mine. A poor middle class family with parents who were not lucky enough to be educated.
        Like the current large number of young Americans who can’t afford the college.
        And had to change a bit more. Why not a “greenanarchistconservative by a fundamentalist economic? not too much distance… It’s a good mixture to keep thinking freely.
        But the fundamentalist of the peace was long before the economic fundamentalism: My money arrived after my hatred to the military reasons.
        My question was and is: how would do the terrorists without guns or bombs? Why we are manufacturing more and more weapons? Not enough???? Who needs to develop weapons on a planet with its natural resources in process of exhaustion???
        From southern view, a fundamentalist conservative anarchic green one, the hawks from countries that develop, manufacture and sell weapons are the most dangerous terrorists.
        Unfortunately has arrived very bad news in this April 2013:
        UK was moved from fifth place in the manufacture of weapons by China.
        Who are the first four ?
        We perfectly know that.

      • hitler is another story. it is not germany, but radicals #$%$ who took power. although bin laden did evil acts to americans, in muslims' eyes, americans also did evil acts to them. currently, it is a perpetual eye to eye. not the best option. obama has got a nobel peace, so it is not going to happen:)

        isn't it true not long ago bin laden is on american's payroll?

      • You're both wrong. We need to prevent violence. Background checks on ALL weapons is a start.

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