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  • whitegod303 whitegod303 May 16, 2013 1:04 AM Flag

    If you were running xinyuan what would you do diffrent?

    I will start this off. I would fire the I.R and P.R department and after getting a new I.R and P.R department I would push out tons of news. I would raise the dividend to .25 cents a quater and buy a few more, but not many pices of land in the u.s.a . What would you change?

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    • I would fire Gurnee Thomas people don't trust the company with him their especially with insider selling coming from him and his family trust

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    • Horde as much cash as possible (though not so different than what they are doing), buy a ton of land in this current china real estate weakness (not so different than what they are doing), selectively buy in the US...

      btw, did anyone actually take a look at the Williamsburg lot. Prices a bit north goes for over $1100/SF now... Lets look at actual marketing timeframe (2014-2016 if sells out fast, 2014-2019 if sells really slow). Those primary areas will could be ~1150/SF in 2014, 1250-1300/SF in 2016, 1500-1700/SF in 2019. Feel free to disagree and provide alternative values for The Edge and nearby areas. XIN's property is off from prime area so how much of a discount? 10%, 15%, 20%? Not that far off and across the street from the waterfront. I'll say 15-20% lower. Again feel free to disagree and provide your discount from prime Williamsburg.

      Fast sales scenario puts it at average price of $1000/SF over 2-3 yrs. 500,000 SF = $500MM sales. 200MM cost, or profit of $300MM / 45MM shares = $6.67 profit per share. That is from just one of their property... So are they understanding value. Have someone who knows Williamsburg real estate well, look at the lot and tell you how much it will see for (per SF)... They are sandbagging the future profitability of this project.

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      • What do you mean by they are sandbaging this project?

      • Agree on PR people, promotion is key to building a company and especially in America from China Co, PR is greatly needed.
        I would also start to look at the areas of America that are the Forbe's fastest growing areas and buy up land in those areas and start to build a few sm. single family homes, coupled with one floor plan homes since there are many new boomers (10,000 a day eligible to retire) and many are retiring and want the one floor plan.
        One area listed via Forbe's is NE Ohio, 5th major growth area , and with the shale, oil / gas boom is a key areafor housing expansion , land is very reasonable there now (not like NY / Cal premium cost).
        Also check in the mid-west booming gas / oil areas to build short term housing for transite high paid construction workers for those type jobs, also Ohio is building 4 major casino type resorts at key places to contain the loss of revenues to other states in the gambling (service) industry, growth here means smaller lower priced housing but profits can be made via catering to the masses as China is use too IMO.

    • If I was running XIN, I would convince PE to take company private at $11 per share. Then, after increasing annual EPS to $3 in two years and when sentiment for Chinese companies, vastly improves in US market, I would return to capital markets and do a partial public offering at $35 (sort of like what Seagate did)


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