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  • jeffreybul23 jeffreybul23 Jul 23, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Company buying shares at 2:38 today.

    Can't think of anyone else buying 70k shares at a time.

    I think we can expect the same, until the black out period starts 3 days before earnings. They will want to buy as many shares as they can before they announce.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • In which time zone was the purchase being made?? Right now there is a buy order for 200 shs at $5.09 and a desire to sell 3000 at $5.11 .(ET)

    • Hopefully we will see another 70k share purchase around 2:30pm again, and keep the share price above $5.00 a share. $6.00 after earnings release.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • the other point is a math one.
      Not easy to answer but ...everyone may do his own view.

      Somebody bought 70K ADS = USD 350K (more or less) and XIN climbs a dime (more or less)
      After that purchase (70K), XIN traded (more or less) another 140 K ADS (double).

      Who bought the last 140 K sooo quickly after the last boring days that a very few people enjoyed like me?
      465415 ADS says NASDAQ about short positions.
      During the last two hours XIN traded nearly a half of the short bets.
      Don't look very strong their pos but they are betting the chart and may be agree with them at some point (repeating that the guy who posted a short pos @ 4,85 should check better the volumes even in case of XIN going down) .
      The only way to bet short here being comfortable is having a very important inside information and i don't have any.


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      • Translating the last post:

        only 1 million bucks broke level $4,85 and XIN told us they want to complete the previous buyback in short term.
        The 60 millions are for the medium and long term.

        My friend Yong has the control, the money and the inside. If he choose -or need- a better PPS XIN can climb. If not, we must patiently wait for their earnings to add that number during next year by the divi.
        A comfortable stock on southern view: Predictable by less risks than HGSH or a lot of american stocks.
        wethepeople, those who need the money tomorrow to pay debts, aren't available for XIN.


    • Can't think of anyone else buying 70k shares at a time....
      why you forgot me????!!
      i'm one of the very closer friend of Mr Yong Zhang!!!!
      we are calling each other twice a day.
      (The only problem between us is the same i posted many months ago. He speaks Mandarin and my Spanish don't help for a better understanding)
      Anyway $ 4,97 remains below (14 RSI) 70 and isn't enough to dream a new run near the last 1st March when XIN reached 83,33.
      Near the margins preferring the lowest qty traded i ever seen, to revise each day taking some knowledge where are the shorties playing.

      Let 's see tomorrow.

      South Cosmic Dust

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