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  • fourpanelbeach fourpanelbeach Aug 14, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    just how undervalued

    It is hard for investors fully appreciate just how absurdly bargain priced XIN still is. Even after this run up, if it doubled again to $13 a share, it would STILL have a higher book value, higher cash on hand, higher earnings, higher earnings growth, and higher dividends per share than almost all other real estate firms, including almost all other chinese real estate firms. Moreover, unlike most other chinese firms, these numbers have all been audited for many years by US accounting firms, to US accounting standards.

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    • star_hominid has been trading penny shares like RTK for years.

      He claims that he had $1.7M assets and held 98000 shares of XIN.
      But I highly doubt that.

      From his previous posts, all I can see is that he bought 1000 shares of XIN at $1.62.
      Now he sold it and is hoping to buy it back at $5. LOL

      He is clearly a basher and pumper of XIN(he admitted it by himself in his previous posts) as well.
      So don't listen to him.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to yinvestor
      • If you really have 98000 XIN shares, why would you care about buying 1000 XIN shares at $5?
        You should be expecting XIN to double instead of wishing it to drop to $5 so you could buy 1000 shares. That doesn't make any sense to me unless you are lying about your assets for some reason.

        To be honest, nobody cares about how much your assets is.
        It's just that you are an annoying people always arguing with others.
        I checked a lot of your posts, you had been arguing with others for the past few years.
        Sometimes you are pumping XIN or other stocks, sometimes you are bashing.

      • I have made over $250,000 profit in RTK since late 2008...I have posted my trades on the RTK board over the years.

        Here is this years results from my Schwab account. Included in this is about $148,000 in XIN profits booked. Notice that I take long term gains.

        ***Reporting Period: 01/01/2013 to 10/07/2013

        Cost Basis $165,139.70

        Total Gain/Loss +$236,012.60 (142.92%)
        Long Term Gain/Loss +$235,980.53 (143.84%)
        Short Term Gain/Loss +$32.07 (2.96%) ***

        Why would I care if a dolt like you listened to me? LOL! LOL! Or anyone else?

    • Thnx for those posts on the stats as they are true and direct to XIN. A stock like this is a rare gem. Investors don't come across this combination very often =s low risk at a low price, good dividend, strong balance sheet, investor friendly management, though i wish they would do more, lots of upside, and all the specifics you mentioned. Too often a good company does not make a good stock. I keep those type on the radar waiting for that a catalyst. Even something as simple as volume coming into the stock, but it has to show me something otherwise one ends up with dead money I've been done play'n that game so the closest i get to that is holding a stock that pays a good dividend.......enjoy the ride

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