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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Oct 8, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    Who knew it all came down to POSTAGE?

    Catchy title isn't it? Anybody following chinaaccounting/Paul Gillis? Go to the sitemap and look up September's articles.
    Two subjects which I have mentioned (too many times for most of you), your auditor Hua Ming (here's where Wally
    jumps in and says i'st E&Y, uhuh, it sure is), is of course dealing with the HK courts, which is just one front to deal with, and then Longtop is also in September's news. And then we have some general information from PG's 'Best
    Idea's Conference. Be sure to read the couple paragraphs under Accounting Fraud.

    We see that Xin has changed the 'window dressing', now you know what I'm talking about, but what about having an
    auditor E&Y who signs off on audits ......

    Do you think these factors are the reason this stock just can't get the air under it wings? (Even though you now gots your own plane, which according to Infn keeps getting diverted to Greece?) Maybe just stick a new mannequin in the window, that'll work........or maybe not.

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    • Will certainly look up the Sept articles by Paul Gillis because I don't know who the H___ "Longtop" is. Shelly, you are welcome to enlighten us now. Hey, don't knock Greece if XIN can make a profit there. . According to the Morgan Stanley Capital International Index, the eurozone equity market overall has increased by 16% over the past three months, which is better than the 6% for the U.S.

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      • BB, Longtop etc. has been a subject thoroughly discussed by a few of us in the past. Since most on this
        board are aware of the topic etc. the easiest thing for both of us is to tell you to go up to the left where it says search message boards, and input Longtop, then current board. Change that 3mos. to 1 year and posts on the topic will come up. You will get enough information on the first page of posts to give you a general idea. You could also change the 3 mos. to' all' and read all the posts on the topic which will lead you to other questions which will also have the answers in the same place.

    • "Greece"

      Do you think XIN could pick up some distressed real estate in Greece? Is this the reason for the recent addition of a Greece topic on Xin Yuan Yosemite?

    • Silly_Shelly

      That was awesome Babbling Bovine Scat! Good Babble!

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