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  • horacebello horacebello Oct 11, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    My family....

    ... is not buying anything.
    They actually asking for money every month to eat because of our increasing inflation; even we can't buy the very expensive tomatoes.
    Infi also decline to give me a loan repayable in pesos under Argentine laws.
    For that reason asked Shelly for at least a card extension to pay some flights in economy class to not compete with XIN plane flights and have no answer.

    All my life read a lot about the american generosity but no doubt their middle class declining in many ways...

    South Cosmic Dust

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    • Horace, I have some TGS stock. What's your opinion on that, in regard to your economy/government?

      I hear your leader has blood on her brain,

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      • if Cristina's candidate lose the coming election with a 10% or more difference in Buenos Aires province, all the quotes about propane, electricity or communications should go up.
        TGS is one of them.
        She must allow increasing prices for all these companies.
        Lame ducks must accept the new map everywhere.
        In fact, our service prices like electricity or propane are the cheapest by subsidies while losing a lot of money importing them because the sick woman doesn't pay a good price to those who are producing within our borders.
        well, that's we are...the best anarchic and conservative country!!


      • not easy to explain Americans our reality.
        Also Star asked about argentine stocks and ...what can i say?
        First of all must use the numbers: our index (MERVAL) increasing the last months doing new toppys again and again...
        Now the answer is an easy one:
        Argentinians with savings -99% of them against all kind of populism- think all their life in dollars and the current sick woman (not my leader Don, she should be in a psychiatric clinic: believe me, having the best inside information) isn't allowing investments nor savings so "wetheargentinepeople" buying every euro, dollar or yuan that appear near us and our stocks were very cheap if we analyse their price in dollars using the black market: spread between the official relationship and the black around 70% = 5,80 / 9,80.
        If a foreigner visit the best country of the planet (mine) 'll get an exchange near 10 pesos/USD and increasing 0,5% weekly.
        In these moments we are running away of our pesos and stocks are one of these instruments.
        Of course we remain being one of the most richest country and in this point suggesting to follow the coming great devaluation to get an opportunity buying YPF when go down or stay quiet at a very low level. YPF has the second largest shale gas of the planer and ....we are importing energy losing the few dollars we have.
        Let see what happen finishing this month because half of our middle class remain strong and may anticipate Venezuela having one spread above 300% between the black market and the official relationship. That's the point.
        The richest country per person of the world -Venezuela- has no food and no middle class. Mr Chavez arrived the power with more than 60% of Venezuelans very very poor, above 30% illiterate ...
        No doubt he was a reaction and nothing more. His party and the current system 'll lose the coming election but ...5 years more without food the richest people with 300% spread????
        Don;t think so.

      • Tgs been berry berry good to me.

    • Pathetic loser and complainer.
      You, infn444 and star_hominid are the same kind if not the same person.

    • hey #$%$ lover why dont you go out an get a job stop whining about how the jews messed up europe so you had to move south

    • Any idea when the devaluation is coming? I hate to be a vulture...but are there any Argentine equities you would recommend after a devaluation?

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      • Dear Star
        As follow my speculation:
        Argentina should speed up increasing our official devaluation. So saying JPM, the best local analysts and also the reality of our Central Bank losing dollars every week.
        Our currently devaluation (35% annual) will be greater than 45% / 50% from November: election date on October 27.
        But we are all expecting the great devaluation to adjust our overvalued exchange : another 40% from one day to the next and that should NOT happen before July 2014.
        U.S. Supreme Court will NOT accept the Argentine case of the holdouts and our country must be paying. One day happens...
        Cristina -remember she's mentally unbalanced and this is absolute truth- 'll dilate payment until 2015, leaving our Central Bank with the same amount of dollars her husband received (between 10/15 billions) by a huge domestic debt (retirements,etc. ..)

        My analysis starts like a fundamentalist and always using the international scheme. My beloved country NO affects nothing the international trade and much less with these policies.
        In previous post was convinced September was the month that Ben had chosen to go testing Mr market and nothing happened. Don was right and I was wrong.
        Now we must speculate December when Ms. Yellen begins to make shared decisions with Ben.
        Studying DJIA charts in the same screen with your U.S. rates of the last 50 years ...we may predict not easy times ahead and the price of the last SUPERMAN commodity -the way Argentina survive economically- is going down (soybeans).

        When your FED begins a lower buying stimuli, only China as a creditor may remain at good levels with a growing internal economy . The rest of the emerging countries ....

        Let me give my nicest TIMMING about our coming great devaluation: Venezuela must anticipate the large devaluation. Venezuela is more easier to follow because they MUST devalue much faster than us.
        Fuq...even in these things we aren't the best of the world.


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