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  • dannylct dannylct Mar 3, 2014 9:42 AM Flag

    Why won't we retest the 52 week low of last summer?

    It was $3.75. The economy including the real estate market do not have a very positive outlook.

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    • not likely.. I don't think we go below $4.00. Too bad I thought the conference call was pretty solid with some good questions, but it looks like there hasn't been any new interest from Institutions at least based on today's pricing. Disappointing no doubt. I still think shares are a buy.

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      • No doubt way undervalued. CC was well presented except Yong Zhang / our fearless leader said very little,imo. I did like Helen Z. One would have to go further back than yahoo finance does to see diluted earnings below .30 like this report at .29 And yea that number doesn't tell the whole financial story by a long shot but it is one figure many look at with a once over glance. Now serious institutions just might have to see the stock price stay above $5 period before their buying policies let them to purchase. With about 25% more land buying in the plan for '14 versus '13 along with other building expenses, etc i'd be somewhat surprised to se anything more than a tease amount, at best, for them buying back shares at until the 4th quarter before they saw how the funds are doing.

    • You may. And it's getting there by the minute.

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      • To clarify about the economy and real estate market - from what I've read it is not suppose to be anywhere near doom and gloom, but it is far from firing on all cylinders. One of the better articles I read was from the publically traded company JLL which is a good size real estate firm. Regards XIN specifically: When reporting in 2014 the quarterly reports sales and profit numbers won't beat the prior year. Reasoning is based on their statement that 2014 will be a building and investment year. . The general sentiment / psychology is poor, hence the undervalued share price. Their auditing firm is under scrutiny from the SEC with some further news suppose to come out on March 17th about Chinese stocks traded on U.S. exchanges, , hopefully not XIN. Just maybe when XIN choose, on 12/9/13, to ratify Ernst & Young Hua Ming again as their audit firm knowing they are under SEC investigation demonstrates a serious lack of judgment. In one respects one could say it shows they have nothing to hide. On the other hand why do business with a company when so much is on the line dealing with the SEC in general. It isn't like there aren't a lot of good choices out there. Look at the top 10 Chinese real estate companies and see none of them use this firm. Wish that was the end of the list / not - though I hold and might buy more below $3.75

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