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  • savvyvalue savvyvalue Apr 3, 2014 11:48 PM Flag

    Is this a good design?

    I am amused by XIN floor plan for its NYC project. The master bedroom has two private full bathrooms. Never see this kind of apartment design before. I doubt anyone will buy in such a design. Thoughts?

    I have no XIN positions of any kind. Visit this board occasionally to meet some old friends. Good luck to all.

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    • For a 2000sf 3 bed rooms apt, the XIN designer adds 4 1/2 bathrooms to it. Where they the idea? I don't know. Can those apts sell, I don't know either. I heard many rich Chinese are dumping apts at Hong Kong market these days at loss. Counting them to buy in NYC looks to me like a pipe dream.

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      • ------they the idea? ------

        Probably from WASA....with intent to rent/sell to Brooklyn Hasidics.

        "On a full city block in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, WASA/Studio A, in association with think! architecture and design pllc, is designing a low-rise 215-unit residential complex for Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. "

        Stay away from pipe dreams and XIN....also check out definition of "basher-bulls" given by a previous poster on this msg board.
        LOL! LOL!

    • you say you've never seen it before, but for a husband and wife to have separate bathrooms is en vogue in some areas. Not something you typically see in NY though where space is at a premium. To say it has no resale value is bogus, because the rich ladies will enjoy having their make-up and all spread out while the men will enjoy their BO smells. Now can you show us a link to this?

    • If Xin is thinking majority of sales will be to very wealthy Chinese nationals, they will tailor the plan to that crowd. Doesn't sound like an extreme deviation to me. Might even be a big plus, if Xin is correct about their main prospects preferences. Thanks for your post. Interesting comment.

    • Well that's an interesting point. Chinese may like different floor plans, but it seems like they are investing for value, and they want to buy something that will have and hold value in the market it is in. They would want re-sale value to be solid. That would be a concern if it's clear no American wants to live there. New York property is hot though, and this isn't a concern for me.. I don't think the building will sit empty, but it's interesting to think about.

    • The Chinese like different floor plans than Americans.

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