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  • brianchesnutt brianchesnutt May 2, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    Price drop overview

    Property prices seem to have taken a hit in China over the past month and specifically the weekend. Go to Business News for an article on Shanghai property prices from the 28th, and Reuters from Mid-March for an article on Zhejiang Xingrun Real Estate going bankrupt and the bond default on March 7th.

    Concern about China is widespread enough that a little company that is actually doing ok is going to get lost in the shuffle, especially given that XIN's own issues, which may be small in and of themselves, ( like no CFO) get compounded when there is already worry in the industry. Someone hears there is no CFO profits are going down and they don't take a second look. People who passivly own hear the headlines and sell without regard for value or specific price... All kinda makes sense in the big picture.

    XIN doesn't have enough PR/IR to counterract all this stuff whether it is bad for XIN or not. At this point, XIN needs to put its money where it's mouth is and buy back shares and tons of them. This has mutiple benefits and summed up as "getting paid to make money". We'll see what they do here in a few weeks.

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