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  • lucky_lenny_1964 lucky_lenny_1964 Jul 16, 2014 12:47 PM Flag

    I'm in

    I'm in @ $3.88/share. Between XIN's profits, line of business, 4.7% dividend yield and E&Y's clean opinion, I'm betting shares recover.

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    • In general China real estate is in a stage of adjustment and retreat. It could be a bubble bust or slowly adjustment. In general prices are still steady or slightly lower, depending on the region. Real estate industry is in consolidation stage. Bigger companies will become even bigger and smaller companies will disappear or merged into bigger rivals. XIN management apparently knows they have to emerge from a middle-tier player to become a bigger player. It is a tough play as right now it is not easy to sell homes in the current market condition. Fortunately they have carefully selected their project locations. I don't expect they can maintain their profit margin, but they will achieve their revenue goal. After this wave of retreat, the number of real estate builders in China will shrink a lot and the bubble will deflate. Only the financially strong company can survive.

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      • Movie:

        TAO (ETF) is the reference and already up nearly 5% YTD; so preferring to avoid the media talking about the housing bubble that could diminish this stock price.

        And fully agree with your view about the greatest concentration everywhere. "ll remain the largest player but "the south" having a nice doubt BEFORE the Real State concentration:
        Has actually completed the synthesis of the banking system?
        it's really over this game?
        Y or N

        Y: talks about a real state bubble possibility during the coming twenty years (not now)
        N: means we 've to see less banks BEFORE the real state...bubble..

        For the moment land's prices in China has NO discount: that happens just before the "bubble"bursts . And the current cheaper sqm -in percentage- are ridiculous in some cities.

        Posting from an economically crippled country where we are selling (real state) less than 20% compared with 7 years back and no one has broken.
        Posting from a broken country lowering its GDP in the last three years and the apartments don't lower their price more than 3%. No selling and NO discount. Just stopping the buildings waiting for a better administration and nothing more.

        Because of these simple comparisons can assure we'll not see a Chinese Real State bursting in -at least- the next ten years.
        XIN must earn less money doing their developments using other people's money.
        The same banks and largest developers worldwide do.


    • I also grabbed some 6000+ shares @3.81 today. Looks like my order supported today's bottom. Still the majority of my order hasn't been filled. But it seems to been bottomed out for now. Will wait for chances later.

    • The yield hasn't been that low since $4.25. Bonus for you if you can sell at 4.25! I'm trying to hold out for 4.85 which will net me 0.85 per share.

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