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  • cvdpro cvdpro Aug 1, 2014 5:37 PM Flag

    Glad sold the stock

    When they issue 13%debt. Only junk company would issue debt at these rate, do not tell me they could make more money with 13% debt

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    • Would you consider china vanke and poly real estae getting money at 9% junk?

    • cvdpro:
      you should try buying Argentine bonds.
      There are more than two paying above 16% annually in USD.
      Keep this in mind.
      It's an excellent idea to buy debt of a paralyzed country like mine with an inflation above 35%.

      Now imagine the poor reality of the Chinese growing at least 7% while their american bonds giving them a free 2% ...

      Have a good weekend cvdpro.
      Try to think a bit more before posting.
      The world isn't just America.

      You also may default your debt or not to pay attention the American justice.
      Or both.

      The best for you and yours

      South Cosmic Dust

    • Before the 13% debt.....XIN had 16% debt in the past. We will see in two weeks if they make any money with their 13% debt......or their 5% debt with TPG....or their 7%-8% construction loan debt from Chinese banks.

    • about to short this stock however, on the 13 percent debt you are wrong there was an article a while back saying the big developers with billions in market caps were looking for the same kind of deal were hoping to get 9 percent so for a 300 million dollar company to get 300 million dollars at 13 percent is good.

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      • white:
        our banking system"paying more or less 20% in pesos: means below or closer half inflation target.
        And nobody taking credits from them
        Just stopping all the projects, investments..everything...
        Nobody spending a buck
        We have to wait a new administration, another 15 months ahead...
        Hard to survive but at the same time we are the best example how to do the worst remaining alive.
        Predicting unrest here.

        Time to follow our bonds if they pay -as the Ukrainian or Bank Spirito Santo bonds- closer 20%.
        The best around 2024 maturity..the middle term: never fail this policy


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