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  • chrwproud chrwproud Jan 9, 2014 7:45 PM Flag

    CHRW Proud...not so proud

    Was just let go after 10 years after one shotty year in sales (which sales has been down company wide.) I was a top 40 rep in 2012 and I suppose they were wondering what I have done for them lately. Office ended up 15% down in 2013 and I guess someone needed to take the hit. JW is on his way out and if our office takes a hit like this again, our local GM will be right behind him. Good luck fellas!

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    • Wasn't long before I was snatched up by another logistics company. Better work environment, compensation package is substantially more, company vehicle, etc. Good thing after all :) I will still keep my CHR stock though. Good times!

    • sounds fishy. you got any margins to speak or the usual Robinson rate slasher who can sell only on price and an occasional truck that shows because he found a sucker who is down on his luck and needs to get paid in 7 days and needs to get home cuz his wife his banging the plumber.

    • The 10-year chr employee curse. One of my last chr reps told me he thought he was going to get let go soon. I could not understand why, thought he was real sharp. He told me he was coming up on 10 years. Now my next two reps didn't know what a dock leveler was. Although, one was not bad in the looks dept :).

      Have also heard there might be some company-wide laying off, so don't feel so bad. They let you go, b/c you were making too much money.

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    • CHRWProud, sorry 2 hear it.Now they'll hire 2 or 3 ppl to take your place( while they ALL earn less than our meager salary & AMT-inducing bonus). Wd b nice if my mgr. would take care of those earning $ 4 her, they just don't give a #$%$. Branch Managers( most of the ones i know) & upper echelon, ONLY care about $$$,...welcome to corporate America. Make the lazy p.o.s. managers DO SOMETHING, aside from 3 hour lunches, and golf every week !!!Sad ...good luk !

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