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  • budrickalso budrickalso Aug 17, 2013 1:23 AM Flag



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    • susanlynnakamurathecollection susanlynnakamurathecollection Aug 17, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

      Why does this surprise you? FEN, FEI, FIF, FAM, alll First Trust ETF's, are currently trading at discount to NAV. With the markets selling off, expect this trend to continue.
      If you are in this for a hold period of significant duration then this might be a good time to consider averaging down from here with periodic additional share purchases.
      For the time being the FED (not a First Trust ETF) controls these markets. In a word: Taper.
      FEN currently yields an approximate 6% return. If bond markets react explosively to the Taper it is not inconceivable that 10 and 30 Treasuries could sell off to the tune of 6% or more yield for Treasuries. And this could happen very quickly. If it does FEN and the vast majority of higher risk, yield delivering assets will sell off equally or more dramatically causing the bursting of the latest FED caused bubble, this time to the equities markets.
      Frankly, getting out now probably would be a good idea. But most of us here will likely hang on, primarily because we have longer investment time lines than from now until the next Bernanke speech. That doesn't make us any smarter or richer though. Probably just more obstinate, and hopefully not more broke.

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