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  • profit_guy profit_guy Jan 1, 2000 9:59 PM Flag


    1...Thursday, December 30, 1999...LPTHA, STOCK OF
    THE "ATT's Small Cap Bet For
    Optical Networks?"..."more importantly according to
    LightChip, some of their key technology is licensed from

    2...Monday, January 3, 2000..."LightPath Technologies (LPTHA)
    becomes our SMALL CAP PICK OF THE


    4..."Former AMP, Inc. Chairman and CEO,
    Robert Ripp, Assumes Role as Chairman of the Board of
    Directors of LightPath Technologies, Inc."

    5..."Stephen J. Barna to Join LightPath Technologies, Inc. As
    Vice President of Marketing and Sales...Mr. Barna has
    previously served with Lucent Technologies, AT&T Network
    Systems and AT&T Bell Laboratories for the past twenty

    6...Plus AT&T Venture Fund, J.P. Morgan Ventures and
    Morgenthaler Venture Partners...all partnering with LPTHA in

    "LightChip has achieved several breakthroughs that position
    the Company to be a formidable provider of high-value
    systems to this exploding

    We are in for a GREAT year with LPTHA imo.

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    • the real question here is no longer whether it
      would go up or down. It is now HOW HIGH it will climb
      ultimately. Let's just sit back and relax. Enyjoing a
      PLEASANT RIDE up straight from the bottom.

      See, the
      momentum crowd flocks into the right places. But a tad
      later then those who did all the DD digging up the
      facts. And the momo type's profits are way smaller than
      ours. Digging up facts & tying the loose ends together
      can get unrewarded for a very long time and can be
      pretty fustrating. Given this background I honestly
      understand the frustration some are eager to vent - they
      might feel that all their honest work being unrewarded,
      sort of "stolen" from them.

      In fact I greatly
      appreciated all the DD that August, H, S, RJ and many others
      posted here. But pls. understand that this is a PUBLIC
      equity market not a private VC portfolio. Investing in
      LPTHA is open for everyone willing to join the

      Happy new year

      • 3 Replies to CROSSY_2000
      • ...buying LPTHA at these prices is like buying an
        IPO at deep discount much to look forward
        to with the likely LightChip IPO and all the great
        promise that LPTHA themselves have...let's not forget,
        that Ripp didn't come on board with LPTHA to preside
        over a 14.6% stake on LightChip...there's a great deal
        of promise here!

      • Digging up theses companies isnt all that

        I was fortunate enough to buy qcom and unph late 98
        because I was looking for growth companies with a track
        record of good growth.

        I found tlab also which
        has had a good year by any meausure other the the
        explosive growth that we have recently seen in many

        Here are my picks and what i will pick up this


        Optics: JDSU(11/98) LUMME(11/99) POCI

        Wireless: QCOM (11/98)

        Linux/Unix: YARC (11/99) TESI

        I want to add:

        Optics: LPTHA

        Wireless: IDC PUMA ADVC

        Linux/Unix: SCOC

        critisism of my picks and my timing is

        I would had loved to have found a LPTHA earlier but
        the methodology of coming across this type of company
        EARLY is beyond me. I would appreciate any info you
        have on your methods of finding companies before they
        leave the gate.

        In addition if anyone would like
        to add projected market caps for LPTHA or any of the
        above issues than that would be appreciated

        Thanks for your time.

      • As we know, the planet is being rewired and
        "photonics" is the future, as recently said by highly
        successful venture capitalist John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins
        Caufield & Byers. And any fiber optic company with good
        technology is sure to be snapped up rather quickly. One only
        needs to look at the recent purchase of OAK by GLW,
        Qtera by NT and CSCO's purchase of Pirelli's optical
        networking business...all within the last couple of months.

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