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  • wfbarry_2000 wfbarry_2000 Mar 11, 2008 4:53 PM Flag

    CNBC's Mike Huckman covering his butt

    regarding that late CNBC item by Huckman on this refuting of MRSA test's based upon a study done at Swiss Hospitals.--- Remember a couple of facts.
    1.) Mike Huckman had a 10/5/07 story on CPHD titled "Cephied: The Google of Biotech?" where Huckman referenced a blogger (Shulman who writes a biotech newsletter called "Changewave Biotech Investor". IN this story Huckman publicized Shulman's CPHD target price of $110 in 3 to 5 years. SO MIKE HUCKMAN IS OVERREACTING TO THIS STUDY, JUST TO COVER MIKE HUCKMAN'S BUT...on the remote change that the study was representative of all countries.

    2.) Numerous studies in other European hosptials, e.g. in the Netherlands show a dramatic drop in MRSA infections due to the widespread use of hospital admissions testing of MRSA.

    DON'T BE FOOLED OR OVERREACT HERE FOLKS. Cepheid and BD will most probably both issue Press Releases in the morning, to counter this CNBC report.


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    • Wait and see, Genius.
      Or move on deep thinker. What's holding you?

      Big market out there. Go for it!


    • "The TB deal doesn't improve margins at all."

      It actually will REDUCE the margins by the averaging in of those TB sales.

    • Whit: Desperately dumpster-diving again! ? You really are a riot!

      Not that anyone but you cares -- I have been out of CSE for a very long time. Did alright on it actually. No killing but no hurt either. You''ll notice I was asking for opinions--Not pushing:
      "Or vice-versa? Appreciate your opinions."

      Poor doofus. I almost feel sorry for you.
      Almost. Especially with that lost butt and all.


    • Tex, thanks for all the positive work you do for this board. I think CPHD will now start to move for many of the same reasons you stated in the referenced post.

    • Hey texassholedumbandwipe, I marked that post because it was exactly what the post said to do, "mark this post". It was just over a year ago and I now brought it back to toss in your multiple alias face. Now you want these poor investors to wait yet another year to see where this goes. Why wait when you can sell now?

      This stock is too easy to predict.

      BTW...How's your CSE doing after a year?


      "What about CSE Morningstar 5 Star rating? 11-Feb-08 02:36 pm Morningstar thinks Very highly of CSE. Is this not worth considering? Narrow moat, $30 fair value estimate; a consider-buy up to $22.50. Five stars. Do they know something the rest of us may not?

      Or vice-versa? Appreciate your opinions.
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    • Based on what we know about the ravages of MRSA, $35 is an inexpensive assurance for anyone being admitted to a room with another patient.. or wing of a hospital.

      All of you who would not want this assurance please elaborate why you would not so that we can know how dishonest you actually are!

      Some one should absolutely kick the sh*t out this irresponsible Huckster for running with this story without more input. And I have no position in the stock!

    • Fickle Mick Huckman appears to be a very easily influenced person, for in a recent article he was very, very bullish on CPHD on in October, 2007 as he quoted analyst Michael Shulman as follows:

      "...The test is also being required upon hospital admission in a few states and Shulman believes that within five years every hospital will be doing it. He writes, "…and that my friends is a $1.4 BILLION (the caps are his emphasis) opportunity!"

      But Shulman claims that's not the main reason for his bullishness. He cites comments made at an investment conference last week where Cepheid said it's working on microRNA. That's the technology that Alnylam and Isis Pharmaceuticals recently formed a joint venture to explore. Shulman believes that eventually Cepheid could develop a way to do a blood test for solid-tumor cancers which he calls a "multi-billion dollar opportunity".

      He is pounding the table on the stock. "Get in now, don't wait," he writes. "I see this stock currently around $24, hitting that $110 target price in three to five years. Wall Street is unaware of the microRNA and cancer diagnostics potential of Cepheid, but it is becoming more aware every day."

      As a general rule, I wouldn't blog about a price target increase by an analyst. But like the $700 number for GOOG, $110 for CPHD is eye-catching." link:

    • Cepheid's GeneXpert platform has a test to detect MRSA from blood culture and soft tissue.... in Europe. Company expects FDA approval in US later this year.

      So, your's aren't the true and accurate facts. They seem to be the incomplete facts.

    • There is a large body of evidence available that shows that this report may prove to be a poor indicator .. here in the USA.

    • now imagine who the other 2 people who marked my last post as inferior.. and what you know about them. Vicious.. antagonistic and never any contribution without an attempt to mislead investors.

      As for this study.. I have no idea what effect it will have on the stock.. but I know that White DF'er, daily and fab creep will be here working as hard as they can to mislead investors.

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