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  • sectorspin sectorspin Apr 2, 2008 1:10 PM Flag

    How early are we in the GeneXpert story?

    I saw a poll on a physician-only website. While any doctor could answer, the question was posed on the pathology section of the site and directed towards pathologists. The question was simply "Are you famiiar with the GeneXpert?"

    Results: Yes: 18% No: 82%

    Two things that will dramatically impact awareness:

    1. FDA-approval of GeneXpert MRSA for blood/soft tissue (expected this quarter)
    2. When doctors realize the STAT testing ability of GeneXpert. Yes, time to results do matter. This will be a significant driver of adoption as more tests are approved for the platform. Doctors want STAT, just like you want faster internet connectivity.

    Yes, Tex mentioned those well-known companies. But he was trying to say that good companies can weather competition. In fact, you should expect competition!

    Funny, White's analysis is for those companies' current status: big, iconic brands whose hyper-growth days are past. Why don't you go back to when they were trailblazing companies with new, innovative products and little name-recognition outside of thier industry competitors?

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    • Btw, that's probably about right.

      Only 15-20% of pathologist are in the know about new technology for MRSA testing.

      Most tests new tests are driven by other doctor's requests. Most infection control committees are disscusing this now.

      The subject is gaining momentum. They often don't include a pathologist in the committee.

      The more progressive the institution the more likely they are to be early adopters.

      There has been no real publication in pathology or lab medicine literature on MRSA screening or use of rapid PCR. There was one article on the subject in CAP Today about 2-3 years ago.

      Most labs just don't have enough test volume to support the cost of DNA testing. The fact that Cepheid is Mod complexity MRSA test really helps lower the bar. Once you have a platfrom you have are more likely to adopt other tests too.

      Legal requirements are big driver.
      I would bet half of the eight percent answering yes are in states with a legal mandate.

      Loss of medicare reimbursement for HAIs is just starting to get attention.

      Yes, we are still early. The drama will play out in the next 2-3 years.

      Cepheid is out in front but that still gives other time to catch them too.

    • I am a pathologist, where did you catch this?


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