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  • white Apr 23, 2008 1:28 PM Flag

    OT: Sectorspin/INK


    You never to using both Inkling and Sectorspin aliases. You would have a very hard time convincing anyone here that you are not one in the same after that absolutely brilliant post that you made awhile back. So lets have it, admit it and get it over with so that we can move on from here please. Thanks in advance.

    BTW...It's fine to use multiple id's so long as you are not doing so in a deceptive manner imho. I don't believe that you had any deceptive intentions as you never used them together and talked to yourself to give any false impressions or anything. I would like you to either admit or deny the allegation. Thanks.

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    • What I find most interesting about the sales:

      John Sluis hasn't sold any yet.

      If anyone had a ready-made reason to sell some, it would be Sluis. Who would blame him, after announcing his retirement? Yet he hasn't sold a share. We know he's lifetime friends with Bishop, so I'm sure he knew about the 10B5-1 plan.

      The others will all get more options in the future. Selling some makes some sense.

    • white Apr 23, 2008 2:44 PM Flag


      What I'm saying is that it is a ridiculous to even think that CPHD would get bought out at these lofty prices just as it would have been ignorant for the insiders not to sell at those prices that they sold at.

      What else I am saying is that not only was it smart for the insiders to sell but also GREEDY that they did it BEFORE they diluted the company stock for the much needed cash going forward. There simply isn't enough money to fund the massive R&D that needs to be done in order to make this a success story in light of the advancements from the competition. It was GREEDY, SELFISH and IRRESPONSIBLE for them to have done what they did after taking all that they did over the years from the shareholders. Many of the shareholders are still too ignorant to know what was done to them, I said it best when I said..."will you still call me?"...even as thoughtless as that appears to be, it is exactly what has happened.


    • White,
      I am not "Ink." I don't understand why you are constantly accusing folks of multiple aliases. Do you have a reason to think that subterfuge is as prevalent as Daily purports? Not everyone is trying to game the group.

      The Dr. Suess thing was for fun and to add a little levity to the board.

      I hope the remainder of your work is more rigorous. It really damages what remains of your credibilty.

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