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  • huntersmith1952 huntersmith1952 Feb 24, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    Thanks All

    Wanted to again thank you all for such a good board and great information over the years. I sold my 3rd block of CPHD shares last week at $54. I am done selling in the near-term and have put my last 25% of shares in my Bucket #3 retirement account to sit there for the long haul.

    CPHD has been an investment that has played out as they should - high risk but high reward. Bought my first shares back in 2000, added again in 2001 and more over the years. Just need 1 or 2 more of these speculative stocks to play out similarly and this boy is heading to the fishing boat big time. Don't know what CPHD plans to do with that $380 million, but I have to believe they have a great plan for its use and one of these days, we will know what than plan is.

    Good Luck to the rest of you. Go Little Train!

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    • I've been with CPHD since late 90's, including the days when good ole "Visions Blue" et al were active...I just listened to them and kept the faith. I still have just over 18K shares that I bought for just a few dollars, but over the years I've sold enuf to put 2 kiddos thru school and paid off my mortgage....not bragging, just grateful to have listened to ppl on this board and believed in what they said..NEVER bet against this stock, even when it has periodic will always bounce back strong!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Speculative stocks, I to have held this one from 04 And you are right on. it has been sweet.You might like to take a look at star surgical co (staa) I have had from 09 Thay are presenting at cowen health care conference tomorrow and good luck to you and yours.

    • Bravo Hunter, good job!

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      • Hunter. I was almost in panic mode this AM, when I sold ALL of my Cepheid holdings. I have been a big time holder since 2000. Was carrying an average of 30,000 though most of those years. I rode it down in 2008, Borrowed some money from my CD and then watched it climb back from the depth of $4.00 until today. When you are that invested you better not make any mistakes. The biggest threat currently, is an eathquake that could knock out the company to some (I think great extent, at least for a while..

        So feeling naked, I went out any bought some large quantities of call and put options. Learned about the value of options from Rick, this board, who used to post about the effectiveness. Options have become a big part of what I trade with Cepheid.

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