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  • dymolabels dymolabels Mar 30, 2009 6:58 AM Flag

    This Company Sucks

    I am not a fan of Acco but you sir are a nutcase.
    Last time I checked you have a choice to work or quit. You seem displeased with your job so leave, quit - adios. Your company is apparently trying to save itself and the JOBS that go along with it – your job is one of them. Sure they made mistakes but again if you do not like your job, compensation or anything else leave and find something you do like at the compensation you desire.
    In fact based on your attitude you probably could not replace the job you have now at the reduced compensation.
    Get to work and stop complaining!!!

    • Must be in management - cannot see the forest for the trees -bottom line is that this company is going BK and all the misery that the employees are going through right now isn't going to help anything. Once they sold their only manufacturing piece of the business they were toast. Don't like my attitude - that is to bad. Pay 50% get 50% effort. BK before end of Jun 09