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  • gothotstocks gothotstocks Nov 1, 2003 6:00 PM Flag

    UPS's List of Acronyms

    Here it is folks. The true list of Acronyms for their new system that is being introduced to different HUBS across the US. Enjoy!

    DA - Dead Allowances
    DCAP - Data Capitulator
    DMS - Disfunctional Management System
    DPS - Dump Preload System
    EDC - Every Driver now Confused
    EDD - Every Driver Dammed
    HIN - Hinderance
    IrDA - It Really Doesn't Assit
    OPLD - Original Package Lost or Damaged
    PAS - Piece Of Shit
    PAL - Packages All Lost
    SPA - Steal Previous Allowances

    HIT RATE - Percent of Drivers that have to skip their lunch in order for this system to work and for management to get their fat year end bonus.

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