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  • takemeserious2004 takemeserious2004 Jul 24, 2012 7:52 AM Flag

    I hope UPS goes bankrupt.

    They pulled their ad's from the Rush show, so if they want to be an obama " jock " supporter they deserve to lose business.

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    • You all sound like a bunch of woman on the rag..... Get Real!

    • Based on my recent experiences with Brown I want this company to suffer. The customer service if you need it is utterly incompetent and I believe systematically tries to wear you down. I recently shipped 3 packages from Houston to SLC. One package include a pair of $1700 speakers. Guess what - never showed and after 3 days overdue I had to call them. Not the other way around. The 2nd package was a $1600 turntable shipped in padded box. It arrived but literally was CRUSHed! Totally worthless. Now it's been 4 days of calls trying to get them to work with me on the complaint. It started with 5 calls to get the complaint filed including a call center in India transferring to another r dept who then transferred me to another who again transfer me. Each time I had to provide the same info- tracking number, shipped from, shipped to, my name etc. when asked if they do not already have this info and the answer was no. Curious how a logistics company would not have a system that would provide shipping and receiving info.

      So I was supposed to receive a call no later than end of business yesterday. Gues what? After waiting a day and a half? No call. So I called this am to start this all over again and was promised to receive an email with photo upload info no later than 90 minutes. Again - no email. So after 4 hrs I called again. This time they took the same exact info and now promise a call back within the hour. My bet says more of the same.

      In a nut shell this company's customer service is horrible. For a service company- poor service will ultimately come back to haunt them. What goes around comes around and for me it's UPS' time. Good luck Brown - you suck.

    • They pulled their ad's from the Rush show, so if they want to be an obama " jock " supporter they deserve to lose business.


      You mean UPS isn't on board with calling women who use bc SLU.T.S? Have you ever listened to the hate mongering that IS the Rush Limbaugh show? I wouldn't expect to hear ANY serious businesses ads on that show. Do you really subscribe to that kind of talk?

    • The whole USA is going broke. A few are becoming immensely wealthier, but the majority are becoming much poorer financially. Pretty bad when a person is on Welfare getting $58K or so in "free" yearly benefits, and a skilled/degreed person working 40+ hours/week may receive maybe $30K total yearly in gross wages (no benefits)...

      My Master Tile Installer and a helper cannot compete anymore here when there are groups of Mexican tile installers willing to work for fraction of the wages ($10.00/hr) and the standard of living of the US citizen falls lower trying to compete with these lower wages these 'non docs" are willing to be paid. People do not care if they are hiring "illegals" as they only care if they get the job cheaper.

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      • Hopefully those becoming immensely wealthier like Rush and Romney could actually have to pay taxes from now on. Oops, don't want to cut into the dancing horse fund.
        Rebuild the country from the middle out. Trickle down is a failure. Get the tea party nut jobs out of congress and replace them with real republicans. Put Grover Norquist on a raft and let him float out to sea. Maybe there's room on the raft for the Koch brothers.
        Time to rebuild using private companies for government projects. We need a new power grid, our highways and bridges are in shambles. I kind of hope Rush goes bankrupt.

    • I'm no fan of obama, but come on Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.

    • boxhustler Jul 30, 2012 2:11 PM Flag

      Rush show.Isn't he the one who was addicted to drugs?

    • guess again BUZZARD BREATH

    • I agree! The trio of Getty Lee, Neal Peart, and Alex Lifeson rock out, and they deserve better. Shame on you UPS! Whose next, Aerosmith?!

    • Dropping like a rock.

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