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  • standard_oil_trust standard_oil_trust Jan 4, 2005 4:42 PM Flag

    big stock of 2005 Northwest Energy

    this stock will be doubled up in 5 to 6 months. Just came out of some problems and has a great vision for the future.

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    • Someone with the moniker of �standard_oil_trust� should be listened to about where this company is going. Your assretion about the direction of the company is based on what??

      Reduction in work force in MT is a positive right? Continuing battles with the MT utilities commission is a positive ---------- and the pending lawsuits are to be ignored, both by former shareholders and the MT commission, along with the prospective forced sale of the MT assets to municipalities, has to be a plus.

      As for your statement about �vision�, we have the same great leadership that put the corp. in Chapter 11 still in charge in Drook and Hanson -------- you must be looking through the wrong end of a pair of field glasses --------- and the image you see is so small it is not recognizable without your bifocals.

      The vision you speak of just awarded Mr. Hanson an $800,000 bonus for the net loss of the First Megawatts project in MT of about $40,000,000. Doesn�t that sound like a sound �vision� decision???

      What ever your drinkin or smoking I want some ---------- pumper.

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      • I am so astonished by the shameless management of NOR. They screwed up the former share holders, and got decent rewards. The SEC should investigate them. What Northwest En. did to the former investors could happened to the new share holders. Yes, they may improve their financial spreedsheet in a while, but how could you believe they can keep it in a long run. They do make the money. It is from you instead of the market.

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