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  • kj1950a kj1950a Jan 30, 2008 1:30 PM Flag


    Quite a recovery the past couple days. What's up?

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    • Perhaps they got burned too badly from the PR blitz they tried over a year ago.

      Silence can be deafening but what has been said in the quarterly reports speaks volumes. Ultimately, each investor must judge whether the balance sheet and income statements show promise. I think they still do.

    • There doesn't need to be exciement over earnings. If it meets expectations, it will be dramatically undervalued.

      It would be nice to get some PR once in a while, but PR has problems. IF a company puts out a lot of PR, I'm turned off by all the hype. Solid companies don't need to puff up stock price by "marketing" to their owners (that's us). On the other hand, if there is no PR, the market gets nervous or bored and the stock drifts down.

      There is no reason to assume a lack of PR means something is wrong. Maybe its just business as usual, and the company doesn't believe in hyping.

    • I agree. I think that they would publish good news if they had it. The silence from this company is deafening. Therefore I do not expect any excitement over earnings. Bad news is unlikely to drop it much. I think I will just sleep on mine for now. Someone wake me if anything exciting ever happens.

    • I couldn't argue your statements, however, something is causing the steady erosion of share value and the fact that mgt. hasn't issued anything, said anything, not a peep in almost 2.5 months isn't helping. I believe investors , myself included, see RWC as dead money at this point and are looking elsewhere. Carl

    • This stock is ridiculously cheap. I'm buying. I'd go all out, if it weren't right before the earnings report is due. Its margins are good, its historic cash flow is good, the estimates are good, the balance sheet is excellent. The price ratios all scream CHEAP. Every single price ratio screams cheap: balance sheet valuation, P/CF, P/S, forward PE, PEG.

    • All it looks like is a letup of selling pressure. There was a lot for sale in the 2.35 area that got cleaned up. Stock was oversold. Still down over 10% from year-end 3.15 price, which was low to start with. Let's hope it continues.

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      • I used today's spike to punch out. I'm down heavy from an entry of 7 bucks. I just couldn't hang with RWC any more. I might be an example of the exhaustion of sellers and you guys are in for a great ride into the $5 range now. I wish you luck.
        I'm putting the debris of this 'learning experience' investment into a small cap in a different sector, SNHY. Anyone else know a company with better fundamentals I'm all ears as I research new names.

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