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  • streudel1 streudel1 Jan 22, 2008 8:51 AM Flag

    Why the drop in stock price now?

    With all due respect, that was a nice piece of politico-economic analysis...but what does it really hve to do with the price of tea in China??? What we're talking here is a company (EXK) who happens to be a producer of a valuable commodity (silver) that is not only in high demand for both production and monetary reasons, but also a default value to the declining dollar.

    In fact, the true value of junior silver & gold minining companies should be even more reflective on the market in times like today....that is if they weren't so blatantly being manipulated.

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    • Yep, I thought we had more pain coming, for reasons basically beyond the scope of the company, and what did we see today, massive pain, right? - small caps like EXK are get battered and pushed around in economic storms like we are seeing today. I think we got way oversold - I don't think we'll see 2.80 again though, and there is a lot of value here. If you didn't sell earlier, then I think you are better off holding here. We should be over 4.00 and I'm not even considering selling until we get back over 4.00.

      For this particular stock, i think today was capitulation.

      Hey, streudel1, if you don't think the market reacts to Bernanke and Bush when they give speeches then I don't know what market you are following. Those 2 guys scared the crap out of me and most everyone but you my friend. It's not manipulation so much as it is just FEAR. Maybe we are being manipulated by pessimists through FEAR, but that's par for the course.

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      • Well said CrusaderDog. I agree generally with your analysis...but fear is only fear if you allow it to overcome your rational thoughts. Better put, the same economic pricipals are at work today as yesterday and yet tomorrow...the absence of sound money allows your currency to be manipulated by the likes of Mr. Bernanke & Washington DC politicos. It's called the printing press; printing money on a "fractionalized" basis as to its actual worth or something valuable actually backing up that print value. Or in Roman times, its called "clipping the coins" for which emporeros like Caligula were masters at in diluting the denarus.

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