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  • mctr_dangerfield mctr_dangerfield Mar 13, 2011 8:14 PM Flag

    A Quadruple Storm in Silver

    Our government has been hard at work in conjunction with some key banks in trying to suppress both the price of GOLD and the price of Silver.

    Recall last year when the FED was sued over the use of US Gold reserves to influence the price of Gold. Well as it turns out, they have been using Silver over the past 16 years to do the same. And unlike Gold, they used all of the US Silver reserves! And now its game over.

    A Quadlruple storm to support advanced prices:

    1. Exponetial increase in industrial demand as third world countries augment their lifestyles.
    2. Unlike Gold, Silver is not stored for the most part, it has heretofore been perishable.
    3. JPM will need to make good on 40% of the worlds paper silver supply, that it sold naked (without borrowing).
    4. Bernanke and OBama no longer have silver to effect price controls. We're out!
    5. The world currency crisis is moving folks rapidly to a capital preservation strategy in precious metals.

    I'll throw in a bonus point: unlike the 50% spike in scrap metals that came to market on the last run to $50 an ounce, there is no such supply today, and no infrastructure to process it.

    Many argue that Silver will overtake GOLD in price and not look back.

    Your greatest challenge will continue to be "resisting the shakes" as we stair step to Silver's fair value...


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