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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Apr 7, 2011 6:32 PM Flag

    Silver going to make new highs Friday...

    Dollar will be illegal soon as we need to flush out drug profits and tax cheats. Romannorga will vote in favor of this so everything will be 'Fair'.

    Would you prefer to have your mark on the back of your hand, or your forehead?

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    • When Silver reached $21.44 High back in 2008.

      Did the MACD on the Monthly time frame give any signs or warnings it was the top?

      Did the RSI (5) setting give the same warnings?

      Did the ADX Indicator give any signs?

      Well $21.44 back in 2008 was just Wave 1 of Primary cycle high of much larger mark-up phase to unfold.

      Currently Silver is in Wave 3 of 5 uptrend.

      We still have Wave 3 up to go and then Wave 4 pullback then another Wave 5 up to complete.

      MACD on the Monthly Chart of Silver is making higher highs on the Histogram bars.. which says to all traders Silver will move much higher in the coming months ahead after this high is done.

      ADX is trending higher as well..

      RSI (5) is strong and making higher higs than back in 2008 at $21.44 mark.

      Silver in the coming years ahead will move to levels that will go beyond anyone here wildest dreams.

      The Wave 2 Correction in 2008 to $8.00 level was gift.

      From 1987 to 2003 --- Long Base Pattern.. which projects another 8 long years of higher Silver prices.

      Wave 2 Correction was Simple pattern to $8.00 from $21.44 High of 2008

      Rule of Alteration says Wave 4 will be complex pattern.

      Simple to Complex

      Odds favor somekind of Triangle pattern that complex in its structure will unfold once Wave 3 is complete.

      It will be good time to trade Silver index then.

      Right now I expect Wave one $17.43 points move..

      $17.43 times 2.68 = $54.00 levels.

      Before we get Wave 4 correction.

      There is major resistence at $55.21 level..

      So odds favor Silver will travel to $55.21 ranges..before we get a Wave 4 pullback to load up again.

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