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  • john_stamos22 john_stamos22 Jun 14, 2011 9:37 AM Flag

    Am amazed!

    If we have indeed bottomed Ocean called it to the date..!

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    • Our towns of the past names are the same, the people wants and desires are the same.

      Murder then is the same as Murder back then.

      1. Jail with maybe 3 Law men ran the whole operation.

      Today that same Jail to house that same human being that Murdered someone family or stole something.

      Has Private Councilor, Coach, Bellman to open and close his door each hour, ton of cooks with awhole host people deciding If the meal meets the exact vitamin manadate of the State and Federal requirments.. His own Lawyer, paid by the State.. his own Job in Prison making $130 month.. tax free.. free rent, free T.V. and everyhting..

      A whole string of Cops to protect him from his so called use dto be freinds..who he cheated once he was in Jail.. a host of different level, staff to run the very complex operations of the Prison system..they claim.

      Modern day Jail vs Wild West days Jails..

      Huge cost just in that small part of life today on Americans.

      Only solutions print more money..and play the game..

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      • If Charles ENG was alive in 1880's and he killed 70 people in Wild West Town of Jamestown Inmate ENG would of broke the whole city future budget with his $20,000,000 trial costs.

        The good people of Jamestown would be so poor that most of them would be on Food Stamps back then.

        44% of the USA is on somekind Food Stamp program today.

        Just to eat everyday.

        Wild West Days town names are the same.. San Josa, Fresno, but the costs and the way Modern day managers deal with the same problems is much different.

        A human kill someone today... Yes, the loss is the same..but the Lawyers, Judges, Police systems are so expensive to operate today..

        Americas inmate population today is aging.. their Health care needs today and in the next 10 years will drain the States budgets..dry

        General fund of each state is only so much.

        Inmates alone will drain it up with all their health needs.

        Do The Math...

    • Today, The Gold & Silver Markets raised their "Anchors" the ships are sailing higher.

    • Ocean, what do you base your prediction or opinion of possible August correction? Is this something Armstrong said?

    • Basically, China vs America Each nation has 200 Skyscrapers currently, China plans to build 200 more, 1 New building each 5 days.. Huge GDP growth.. Basically, If NAFTA was not allowed USA would have Trillions to spend on her self.. USA would of been really something.. nice.

      Today China is building these Skyscrapers in hope that someday people will come to China. currently China has 64 million empty Condos and millions upon millions of empty homes.. shopping malls empty..

      But NAFTA agreement was some New World Order brite idea to bring our wealth to these Communism style nations.

      Mark my words, someday China will be what America Founding Father dream of and America will riding bicycles again.. and living together in homes of 5 families just to make end meet.

      The coming Depression will change America forever..

      We will still have our Rich here but they will hidden behind gated communities long ways from the third class people.

      Mental Wards will be the up and coming boom as the Military starts to bring home the troops.. No Jobs, returning to New World Order America that most Military woman & men will find hard to deal with.. War take it toil on the mind of any Military person.. The cost of war is huge not just in dollars of debt that lingers but from the mental issues of the troops who served..

      Nothing come from war but huge long lasting problems.

      Nothing good at all..

      Its going to be strange times ahead...

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      • I respectfully disagree. I do think that China will get much richer, but while they are doing that they also will get much older, and America will not. We have by far the best demographics and the best country ( safety, water, climate, topography, minerals, etc., etc.) of any of the developed countries. I agree that we will be poorer, but really a little frugality might even help us a little, but I don't see us becoming totally destitute as you predict. If we do it will be our own fault because it will mean that we didn't fix our government and I believe we will (and I'm not talking about a minor fix). I also think that the Chinese will spend money with us as they grow richer because historically they have always paid off threats to their safety and we have a lot of guns and are very dangerous and they know that and are not stupid. So, in conclusion. Yes, poorer. No, destitute. And most importantly hopefully free from the greed, rabid, banksters and corporate criminals that now rule us all. GLTA

    • Agree, have enjoyed reading Ocean's blogs.

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      • you guys forget already all the bad/horrible economic numbers that have been coming out?

        you need to sell this spike............, 50 percent haircut from here........

        commodity crash has started, oil below 70
        gold to 1100
        silver to 18

        I still have calls on axu and exk, but it amazes me how short a memory some people have...

        ocean also said exk to 34 buy august, surely you remember that one......

        then he said silver had bottomed a week ago......, not

        now he is calling another bottom???????

        do what you guys want, but this spike in equities and miners won't last long........

        good luck, I am still hedged with bullion and calls, but short with puts...........


    • Dollars down, Oils up, Commodities up, PM up.

    • Wow. This is not what I was expecting this morning. If Ocean proves to be right, much hat tipping - and eating - will be in order.

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