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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Mar 22, 2012 8:05 PM Flag


    Does anyone believe China's PMI data? Data from China is more important than that of Europe. More important than economic report events here in the USA. I don't believe that China is being honest.

    The PM game consists of many factors. It is not all about inflation, employment, housing, etc, and debt. It is about making a buck. US corporations want to do business in China. Banks do business with US corporations. The US had banks short the COMEX so that China could purchase gold and silver on down swings. Ten for ten times in the last 2 years when metals dropped, China started to buy.

    China will be buying soon. EXK is becoming a cash machine. 5.03 cost per ounce, great drill results in Mexico, large land holdings and sitting in the middle of the largest miners in the world. EXK will roll this year. SLW at this time is my other favorite.

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    • Hi News,
      China's PMI is at best only a good guess poll.
      flavored with a little propaganda from the
      central bank.
      Just got back from Cancun. The Internet in Mexico is
      terrible. But the beer and food are delicious.

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      • Sony. I like the Chinese. I talk to many on their boards and I know many from a certain college. There are the good and bad within all ethic groups. I don't trust governments and economists. I spent 16 years taking classes in economics, finance, logic, philosophy psychology and computers. Knowing just a little logic has served me well. Economics was mostly a waste of time. You don't need a college degree to be a good investor. My dad owned an industrial company that knocked down very old buildings in New England before the PHA law was passed. He sold the metals from those buildings. I started to learn the metal game at age nine.

        This seems like a nice board without many unbalanced trollers, bashers and rude daytraders with a mission. EXK will have a great future and longer term holders will do well. The question is will it be bought. It has all boxes checked as a M&A possible. We will see. Take care.

      • Hey, I just got back from Cancun too! The only problem I had with the internet was figuring how to switch from Spanish Google to English... never did figure it out. Not that I spent much time trying, the beach and drinks easily won out over messing around with the internet.

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