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  • kingofthewasteland82 kingofthewasteland82 Nov 15, 2012 10:49 AM Flag

    Talk your way out of this one

    Go ahead pumpers, let's hear it. In the 7's now and practically sprinting to the 52 week low. Let's hear it jwtechy, sonya, newscentral etc. Tell me how awesome their cash costs are. Tell us all about the genius of management and how they all should get nobel prizes. Tell us about their inventory strategy and how it's gonna "pay off next quarter" (it's always NEXT quarter). This thing is a turd and i'm starting to wonder if it's another JAG in the making. And before you point out how other miners are getting punished too....A) Never as much as exk and B) You can afford to do that when you've essentially doubled in the past 3 months unlike exk. So let's hear the new pump story. I'm sure bradford cooked faxed it to you all from his boiler room.

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3.77Jun 27 4:02 PMEDT