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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Jan 16, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    anything under 8.14 iis a good price IMHP. Just wait and see, I am more and more confident that my

    310000 shares will do well. We shall see, but I am feeling good! I confirmed the buy signal once again! 19 weeks in the making and I think it is here. But remember, I could be a nut.

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    • I'm buying options instead of the stock. I own the May 10's and am considering the Jan 10's. I had a good run when it went from $3 to $10 and I'm hoping to duplicate those gains in 2013. I think $7.70 is excellent breakout / support level as it has been tested five times now. I love having no debt and the accumulation/distribution is very positive. Smart Mgt, growth objectives, prudent decision-making. I see the downside and limited and the upside substantial.

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    • Is that a typo? 310,000 shares or 31,000? 31,000 is impressive, but 310,000 is unreal. Lol.

    • sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. $2.5 mil. "nut" getting more "nutty". i think you are correct.

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    • yeah, i feel good about it too, very sticky share price here, they really don't want us making money here, and we haven't, oh well, i still like the stock, still like the Ag ounces in the ground, and all that Au, and the management team, the share price will take care of itself, JMO

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    • could be a nut?

    • At this time - we have fund buying.

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      • They are price fixing silver at a below market price over on the paper exchanges in New York and around the world. Who are they? JPM - cartel banks and associates.

        How long can it go on? Until people stop trusting the paper exchanges. Or we could see a severe backwardation, as people refuse to trust and buy futures contracts, which would thus sell at a discount to real silver. Then, the spot price will really go up, very quickly.

        China will buy as much silver as they can get their hands on. Their citizens want to be able to own more silver. They will soon be using 5X more silver for infection control. Bill Gates could buy all above silver without selling a single share in Mircosoft. If you read the long full year earnings reports for JPM and GS - today, once they see some backwardation from supply needs, they will once again be buying miners. JPM has asked China on how much silver/gold will they be buying. Is JPM concerned, yes. China has over 10,000 ATM type machines selling silver and they have plans to increase this easy way to buy silver to 100,000 machines. China will increase buying direct from miners and that will be over spot. They had been buying silver/gold from Europe, but that has dried up. Spain and France had bought from South America and Mexico, but now miners operating in these countries will be selling direct to China over spot.

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