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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Feb 1, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    The economy continues to collapse! It is a matter of time

    until the minions realize that the press is lying about some fictitious recover. OM, the Twilight Zone!

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    • yup. this volatility reminds me of march 2009 when the market bottomed. UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP. trying to figure it all out will make your head spin. i remember job numbers would come out worse than expected and the stock market would explode up anyway and i'd be scratching my head thinking ok if the numbers were worse than expected shouldn't that mean stocks would continue going down? I didn't believe in the rally then and the reason the cnbc commentators would give on why the market went up even though job numbers were so bad was because jobs was a "lagging indicator". um ok so still not really a reason but i gathered at that point it bottomed not for any reason at all except for that the market wanted it to. there was no reason, no logical reason anyway. enough buyers came in and wouldn't except anymore downside. the volatility was insane. some stocks especially the banking stocks would go up 30 percent one day then go down 30 percent the next day. only to go up 30 percent the day after again. when BAC finally bottomed it had a 50 percent intraday rally, meaning it was down 25 percent and made a new 52 week low then came back and closed up 25 percent. I owned bac at 3.20 and got out at like 4.20. those were hard lessons learned I was new to trading back then. exk will bounce back to 10+ just a matter of when and the market may not need a reason. everyone is trying to get their hands on more gold. the most undervalued gold miner imo is ABX. I believe they're the largest gold miner you'd think that would be at 52 week highs, but nope miners still unloved.

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