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  • cgreens72 cgreens72 Feb 13, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    $5 a share

    Who would be buying at that price here? People need confidence in the real money to get back into real money producers. Will they wait for $1800 AU? We may get a $100 move or a big move in gold...what would trigger such an event? Sure isn't inflation apparently.

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    • For EXK it's about installation of new state of the arts equipment, including at El Cubo. Once their state of the art processors are in motion, they will be off to the races. El Cubo will be processing from nearby sites as well. They have purchased other equipment for other sites, all state of the arts - including the best drilling equipment. They are really going to town all over their land landings. Use updating satellite mapping.

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      • The market and investors seem to be VERY uncertain about this whole El Cubo purchase. Maybe they just don't have faith that Bradford Cooke will be able to work his magic on it. But remember, he said in one of the recent articles that it is actually AHEAD of schedule. So, here are TWO scenarios that I think will come to fruition this year that will take us back to a double digit share price.


        El Cubo. The most likely element behind the plummeting share price. Will it be prove to be a good purchase? Will it be done any time soon?

        Fast forward a few months, El Cubo is done. Pumping out silver/gold at a fully operational rate. Erasing all doubts, and all that negative sentiment is instantly an afterthought.


        Low 2013 production projections. A lot of people seem to believe that investors were not happy with the low projections. Does it mean EXK is finally slowing down?

        Fast forward a few months, we see the first earnings report. Bam! Exceeds projections. Next quarterly report. Bam! Exceeds projections. Before you know it, again, all that negative sentiment is merely an afterthought.

        BC and company are taking some risk in this whole growth plan they are envisioning. We have all fallen victim to the results. But, in my opinion, if you set your mind to think long term like they are.....before you know it, this share price too will be........just another afterthought.

        This is merely my opinion of course. Just a couple of hypothetical scenarios that help me sleep better at night.

        Good luck!

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      • thanks news,
        bought some more today.

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