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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Feb 16, 2013 9:17 PM Flag

    hey datbehardwork - just for fun - no hard feelings - ok

    You had mentioned a few days ago that you new of a poster from the Wheaton board. I just curious to what ID that you used. I connected you with a lot of IDs using many phrases that connected to the same IDs over and over. I found the IDs that you used on the Wheaton board. The guys posting here that posted on the SLW would get a kick out of that. You have been on many popular pm boards. Most of the basher IDs on this board are yours. A simple check that would bring up several of your IDs is to stick "made some good coin" in the message search above for one year for all message boards. Just run down the page looking at IDs. I had cross reference "made some good coin" with six other phrases and most of them grouped together like apples. I didn't even need other software. I admit that doing this immature, but it helps with software programming that I use for other applications, sometimes for non-profits such as cruelty to animals.

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    • I was going to post a reply to datbehardwork, but why bother, I just put him on ignore. This is his time now, we are getting run over and left on the side of the road. Oh well. I'm hanging in there, looking forward to better days...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to crusaderdog358
      • Crusaderdog: Like you, I don't care about his constant posting and his trading buy or sell views. If he did a simple message board search on this 'Johnny' he would have seen that I wasn't the one praising him. He had his Saturday news report with an invalid date and the newspaper he quoted didn't have an article that day, nor for a long time. Sometimes posters believe that others wouldn't do research. I just say banman to that, "Round as a bowling ball Swift as a tree"
        Cartels - banks and funds control mining stocks and they don't care what is being said on a message board. EXK isn't a good stock to swing trade. I wasn't able to be online today, but it looks like NVGN was a given.
        When I trade other miner's I watch the US dollar in strength. If it's getting stronger I know that it takes less dollars to buy gold. Gold can actually go up, but upward dollar movement may make it appear that gold is going down. I watch the price of gold (price and demand) in correlation to major currencies showing the demand for gold. One line of updating information is shown on Kitco. Currencies trade on factors of money movement and internal money needs, weakness and strength. I watch currency pairing before I judge other factors in concert with other economic conditions as commodities show first reactions from news events that would single economic variables for key nations and their ability to trade.

        Have a good one and the same to you datbe.

    • Too funny, I was actually wondering about all that crapo you're were spewing about your stupid computers and software. Now that you wrote that above I know you're a fraud, with nothing, because I have only one I.D.
      Really didn't want to put you on the spot since you went way back to Telfer and Johnny Canuck....should have realized you were suspect of lying when you praised Johnny Canuck a couple days ago....that seemed curious, cause he was proven VERY, VERY wrong trying to get people to dump their shares because of Telfer. Once the buyout came he just up and disappeared, because he was fantastically wrong!
      You can look me up from as far back as any Yahoo post goes, I go long, I go Short. When I see pumpers short or long trying to rip small investors off (like you, you liar...My computer funny) I get indignant!.....too bad for you and all the other pumpers of this stock.
      You didn't cross jack..."made some good coin" Yep, I'm the only one that ever used that on a financial board..#$%$??? kidding me?
      You can check my record....I was shorting homebuilders and bankers way before the mainstream...I shorted GM and AIG. I was long RGLD when it was $9.00, though I don't think Yahoo goes back that far anymore. I also started the board for BHP, which most of you schmucks probably don't even realize is the largest miner in the World.
      So please, everytime you open your trap about computers, you traveling to S. America, talking to geologist, etc, etc., I now will call you out on it, cause you are lying!!. You should of just left me alone news, as I would have been quiet and believed you just like most everyone else does. NOW I DON'T....because I use only one ID and "not for fun" I now call you a B.S. artist and a pure liar.
      You're Outed, schmuck.

      $20,000 for your computers...that sent up my flags right there. Thanks for confirming. Schmuck.

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