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  • propaganda_era propaganda_era Feb 27, 2013 9:26 PM Flag

    Pathetic Bashers will spin with slander and claims of bad management

    Yet the truth can only be measured by way of comparative valuation; either to our mining peers, to growth expectations, to the underlying value of our assets (silver in the ground) or to the price of silver on the futures and spot markets. EXK is clearly down for a variety of factors, NONE of which is poor management. The ONLY REAL REASON EXK has gone this far down is because of the same factors that enable the so called "carry trade" in foreign currency influences. It's simply more lucrative for the sophisticated hedge funds to go long silver futures and to short the miners. You would think the inverse leverage would kill them, however we currently are experiencing a shortage of metal in the hands of the clearing houses for the futures exchanges. This creates a fairly safe bet for the spreading of the two once upward pressure gets placed upon the futures contracts. Keep an eye on Silver for March Delivery as a turning point in this charade we're witnessing. It's highly likely that everyone stands a chance of coming out winners. Although silver futures contracts can be held for as little #$%$ of the value of the underlying (a 20: 1 leverage), EXK has leverage itself out to around 3:1. It creates a difficult proposition in the battle to fight these manipulators, but it's important to remember that their goal isn't to manipulate, it's just a by product of their strategy. Currently this boards blowhard naysayers will attempt to divert you from the underlying reality and claim that there has been some form of mismanagement, or that somehow Endeavor's prospects are not good or not evolving fast enough. This is NOT the reason for present valuation and is pure rubbish. Either they are unsophisticated and fail to grasp "game theory" or they are the worst kind of manipulators - piggy back parasites that ply fear as their trade in a propaganda war that exacerbates pricings to the absurd. This stock currently is valued at 21.00 per ounce equivalent. Silver could go there and we would fail to see more than a few pennies in shareprice detorioration as most recognize the shorts end game as being not too far off or past us.

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    • R U KIDDING ME? #$%$??......Do you honestly think ANYONE is stupid enough to believe that if silver fell to $21.00 an ounce that EXK would fail to see anything more than a "FEW PENNIES" in shareprice depreciation? Just incredible the stupidity that you speak. and newsy agrees with you? WOW, I am gonna have to start shorting this stock. You people are just plain STUPID spouting off crazy stuff like that...a few pennies if silver falls to $21. LOL, infrekencredible!

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      • I can see you're starting to get emotional, so rather engage you in some sort of teenage name calling I will simply say that yes, the stock has a ridiculous price drop for silver factored into it. No, I am not even beginning to imply that silver will go to 21.00 so it's a moot point on that front. Yet the reality exists, on a relative basis comparing the REAL networth of this company when silver was trading at 39.00 per ounce and now, then 21.00 is ALREADY factored into the shareprice, hence the statement. I think you should go ahead and short the stock if you're getting this irate on a stock message board. And please, do yourself a favor if you find yourself with a few hundred dollars in profit; enroll in a charm school, somewhere, anywhere. I can see that you are destined for people problems wherever you go, no matter how "right" you turn out to be. You can thank me later.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • LOL, the ONLY measuring point is the price of the stock.
      Please people, Don't let fools like this take up space in your head. His handle even says propaganda and he proves it by saying EXK should be compared with other miners. What?...Is this a horse race that we bet on? EXK either makes money for you or it doesn't. It either hits their Quarterly and Yearly targets for earnings or it doesn't. All else is noise to fool you.
      If I ever hear another excuse about "Silver for ______delivery as a urning point" I will just puke. Get over this stuff, Miners and silver are manipulated, live with it, but don't cloud the fundemental fact that EXK has FAILED to deliver on their numbers.
      Again, don't let these pumpers fill your head with silly notions of what propaganda spouts. None of it relates to EXK and it's shortcomings. they are just excuses, plain and simple.

      It's funny how no-one has commented on Brad's pathetic interview on Seeking Alpha. MOST TELLING.

    • That's a really good post, future contracts and all.

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