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  • crushalgo2012 crushalgo2012 Feb 28, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    This is too much, Im throwing in the towel as well

    I too am afraid that the board fearmonger datbehardwork was right. Sold all at 5.75

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    • Yet another loss, eh? lol

    • Good move. Some of these gold and silver stocks are going to take a tumble!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • looking at the 5 year chart if this breaks through the 5.72 area with conviction and holds that lower level then look out below. there is no clear support level below 5.72. well there is but it's at 3.29. that was the level at which it last broke out and hit a high of 7.34 before pulling back to 5.72 then it was off to the races. the book value of exk is said to be 3.27 so i guess it's not all that far fetched but that's still a huge drop and the only way i see that happening is if silver does crash. and the stock market with it. in either of those cases it's best to be out of everything unless it's a bear etf. we are nearing major silver support in the 27 range and that's assuming it falls that far. there isn't any dealers selling silver below 31 even though the spot price is 28.50. the disconnect between paper and physical is getting wider.

    • I hate to say this, but you probably won't regret having dumped. This is stock is being OVERTLY manipulated. Anyone on Level II can watch and see as higher bids get ignored in favor of lower bids by what appears to be multiple sellers on other ECN's who act in unison disappearing on the sell and then reappearing a few moments later. It's clearly a High Frequency Trading Algorithm but as designed, I can't put my finger on WHO. The ECN's selling at one level seem to be the same group of 3 or 4 buying at lower level. The only explanation I could come up with is that all of these trades are occurring between sub accounts of the same hedge fund that actually WANTS to lower the shareprice. What ever happened to our SEC? Have they been bought and paid for or are they just too unsophisticated to stop the international trading communities from running KamiKazee sorties on US stocks once they've got the motive? Beats me? Beat me. Im out too.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I was watching an extended level II today and I didn't see that happening. We have a low share price with low volume and with low share buy numbers - retail. I have certification in compliance trading. Below is what happens, but it's not a concern for us. I had posted this several times for other boards.

        Watch for front running. It was so obvious that you can see it in the charting. These were large kills and all were timed to the CAD and our dollar.
        Several times yesterday, there had to be a buyer willing to buy 5 to 10,000 shares of *** with a limit price. Their limit had to be much higher, but the market at this particular moment in time had to be lower. So the computers, having detected via their 'flash orders' knew that there was a desire for *** shares. So they started to issue 'immediate or cancel' orders - IOCs - to sell lower than the bid. If that order is 'eaten' the computer then issues an order to raise the price. When it gets no bite the order is immediately canceled.
        Then the flush of supply came and there was no 'real seller' at any of these prices! This pattern of offering was intended to do one and only one thing -- manipulate *** by discovering what is supposed to be a hidden piece of information -- the other side's limit price!
        With normal order flows, the person with the limit order would see the offer lower and dropped his limit. So their orders were immediately 'raped' at the full limit price! So the buyer got screwed for maybe 10 cents per share which was quite literally stolen by the HFT firms that probed your order before you could detect the activity, determined your maximum price, and then sold to you as close to your maximum price as was possible. So never go chasing on the buy side by more than a penny.

      • Please enough with the conspiracy theories... ALL miners have been sold off hard this is not isolated to EXK... if silver continues to fall with miners so will EXK... it really that simple.

    • NO!....I never said to sell. I just want answers.

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