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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Mar 1, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    Called EXK Investor Relations Today:

    Since I'm posting this, I guess the Company could find out my real name if they got my phone number upon calling, if so, that's just the way it is. Here is what a pleasant Lana McKay(?)and I discussed (summarized, not verbatim):

    Q. Does management have any intention or plans to put out a statement on the stock price, since it has fallen 50% in the past 5-6 months?
    A. No, why would the company do that and what purpose would that serve?
    Q. Well, Apple came out when stock dropped 5% to reassure their investors, EXK has dropped 50% and nothing has been said from management. The purpose of making a statement would be to reassure retail investors who are holding to not sell.
    A. Your reason is noted and I will pass that along to upper management if you would like?
    Q. Yes, please.
    A. Perhaps they will take it up at the next meeting, since we report in Mid March.
    Q. (Scottrade says March 23rd) It's actually 4th Q and Annual on March 23rd isn't it?
    A. No, it's mid March.
    Q. Can you give me the exact date.
    A. No, I'm sorry, all I can say is it is mid March.
    Q. OK, thank you.
    A. Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Q. No, thank you. Have a good day.

    I promise the board....I will quit posting if Lana talks Brad into making a statement about stock price before or during earnings call.
    I think ALL investors should call Lana and request the same thing; A statement regarding stock price. If everyone became active, perhaps we can get this lead weight off of us.

    Ph. # 877-685-9775
    I have bad hearing so it may have just been me, but the woman who answered the phone was a bit difficult to understand, but just ask for Lana.

    Good Luck. Either keep taking losses and do nothing or make your voice heard. I'm sure management has told big boys (institutions) what is going on. Why not retail schmucks such as us?....Because we don't make a fuss. Let's start!!

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    • Can't win with you FOB's (I changed the name already; Friends of Brad). I take the initiative to actually call and post what IR has to say and you give the topic thumbs down.

      Just proves how truly idiotic some stakeholders are.

      Hate me, but don't hate the truth, sheesh.

    • Thanks for the legwork DBHW. My experience w/ investor relations is that you'd be better off issuing a special dividend from IR salary and stock compensation. I talked to Tower Hill IR once as they were getting Algo'd and slammed & they said there wasn't any short interest so nothing to worry about.

      Partially, they are beholden to capital markets, especially the tools in IR (for their next job) so companies don't want to point fingers at the Algos, Intraday shorts, Etc. that bring them down.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • "Does management have any intention or plans to put out a statement on the stock price, since it has fallen 50% in the past 5-6 months?"

      Nothing wrong in asking, but a few factors seem quite likely.

      1. Recent stock/cash dilution for acquistion of El Cubo - from experience with Wheaton River and Yamana can be as painful as 20% or more.
      2. SLV is down 18.6% over the last 5 months.
      3 The remaining 10% could be due to negative momentum and Endeavour's leverage to POS.

      I offer these as possiblities for some of the drop in PPS, but do not exclude possibility for other factors as well. The good news is that Endeavour's leverage to POS should pay in the next few months. Low margin producer earning's out-perform in a rising PM market.

    • Once again look at ALL miners its the whole industry getting crushed... when miners reverse so will EXK. If miners were going up and EXK was going down that would be a different story

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      • Another silver play, AG, is UP almost 40% off its 52 week low. So, yes, while it certainly is all miners, not all miners are making new lows twice a week as EXK is.
        Earnings time I think the stock will get crushed and it will finally be time to buy, BUT, only if management gives good forward guidance. If not, stock will get crushed and be dead money untill Q after that.
        Of course if silver blast off to $35, then things might be different.

    • SSRI down 4% one day after reporting good earnings. EXK had better have blow-out numbers or we're gonna get creamed again. My gut feeling is that is worse than expected and big boys already know the numbers.

      "In 2012, Silver Standard delivered on its commitments to the market and positioned the Company for growth," said John Smith , President and CEO. "We exceeded silver production guidance, achieved cost guidance, announced the results of the Pitarrilla Feasibility Study and received approval for the San Luis Environmental Impact Assessment. More recently, we bolstered our management team and raised $265 million - enabling us to repay existing debt and helping to fund new mines."

      Full-Year Highlights:
      (All figures are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted)

      Reported strong financial performance: Generated annual sales revenue of $241 million , a 63% increase over the $148 million generated in 2011. Increased cash and cash equivalents to $367 million from $329 million at December 31, 2011 .

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