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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Mar 21, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Just bought more $2.50 Jan 14 calls

    Just seemed awful cheap to me. 10 cents over current price with 10 months for a price spike. Hopefully it's a no-brainer. Now have a total of 20 at this strike.

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    • $2.50 calls? That's $4 in the money. Does not make sense.

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      • $2.50 strike. Bought for $3.90.
        As I look at Jan Calls, (all strike prices) there's more volume for Jan than all other months combined (excluding April). My calls were the only active ones when I first posted this morning. Now the volume is 100 over all strike prices.
        Guess someone was listening to me?....looked like good deal so I posted, though best deal was the $2.50's, I know it's hard for option players to get out of the penny arena, thus they go for the higher strikes, but less $$ out of pocket.
        I like to buy in the money or close to it. Paying dollars instead of cents doesn't bother me as long as the deal is right.

      • The "price" for the $2.5 calls is $4.10 as I type. So the break even off the cuff is if the price is greater than $6.60; stays under that then the calls are never worth directly exercising. The pricing of them could make him a profit even if that doesn't happen, as options are often bought/sold many times well before they get to expiration; what people will pay to obtain or cover to close an open position moves pretty strongly over time.

        The other factor is that seller of the calls has access to money from selling them, right now, and they can "work" that money in coming days to offset their risk. And too, the seller may just be looking to buy their calls back this evening near market close on the assumption that the noon time pricing was a little too exuberant.

        When thinking about options, you have to *not* think like an equity holder; time frames are very short, scalping for pennies is the norm, and leverage is the order of the day...

    • howdidiknowyouwereanidiot howdidiknowyouwereanidiot Mar 21, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

      What makes you think anyone cares?

    • Just looked at the Apr, May, Aug and Nov. calls at same strike. (Very Weird!!) ALL priced same as Jan 14.
      Just a heads up for anyone that really believes this company will deliver in 2013. Looks like these are a steal right here.
      Please do your own DD as options are riskier than stocks.

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