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  • khan_bas khan_bas Mar 26, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    way oversold

    now. Will breakout soon.

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    • Khan- Couldn't agree more. In my opinion the discount window on this stock will close on or before mid May. Here's why. The rebuild of the El Cubo plant will be completed within that time frame, Q1's production, revs and earnings will have been announced and I'm expecting decent numbers, additionally, I believe that the recent decline in pm's will be reversed. Should the company be able to ramp up mine producction at El Cubo, mine production is the bottleneck at this time, to the degree that they will be able generate enough ore friom the mine to utilize the new 1200 tpd, it will be a game changer. Presently, Bolanitos ore is being partially processed at the rented El Cubo plant. When the El Cubo mine produces sufficien tonnage, the company will look to expand the Bolanitos plant to 2000tpd. Management has stated in the past that the mine could produce 2000 tpd and that the plant could be expanded to meet that capacity and further that this increased production could be reach w/o the need to hire additional personnel. This possibiity hasn't been stated as a projection by management but rater as a possibility of events that could happen that are on thier Wish List. Granted, items from a wish list are not a projection BUT it does show that management is forward looking and not content with sitting on thier butts. This constant pushing is the reason that the company has been able to expand CAGR's as rapidly as they have. Looking to the future, mine #4.

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      • Emailed to Meg Brown. The Q1 results will be released on May 7.

      • Agreed. There is a lot to consider to determine earnings growth consensus for 2013. I have pages of accounting details but looking at earnings per share in fiscal year 2012 it was 39 cents. ESP could be 0.84 for fiscal 2013. Earnings increase this year could be 100% to 120%. This would give us a zero PEG ratio. The first quarter is a little tricky, and there is some guessing there. It is my belief that earnings will be good in 2013 and 2014. The EXK business plan in their use of accounting methods shows two sets of assumptions. One is conservative and the other is aggressive. This is seen as they sometimes hold back minerals for sale, which helps me to understand EXK's business plan. I always focus on an article when he talks about macro economics. The Sabastein sites Bolanitos shows increased activity. I don't think the processing of minerals is a problem for EXK. It's more of a balance of the quality and quantity of what they want to pull to offset accounting costs.

    • Posted Central Bank buys of Gold as reported by IMF.
      See AUY board.
      This is pertinent since gold and silver are both stores of wealth.

    • better look again, this pos keeps going down.

    • Agree. Just bought 5 more Jan $2.50 calls for $3.80. Total of 30 calls held now.

    • Yep plus the Big cash burn is about complete.(El cubo)

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