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  • shiftsuper175607 shiftsuper175607 Mar 29, 2013 9:40 PM Flag

    New article at the Motley Fool, mentions EXK

    written by Christopher Barker.
    My favorite authority on gold and silver. He has been to the EXK mines.
    Go to the headlines tab and you will find the article dated March 29, 2013
    "Everything you need to know about gold and silver"

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    • moldy fool, reeking alfalfa, Forbes, wall street urinal, barrons, bloomberg etc.....
      the plunge protection team writes for the banksters everywhere.
      use your eyes for observing your surroundings, the truth lies right in front of us.

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      • I agree sonya. I use to invest in a comapny called NTO years ago. a "Dr. S(something) has a newsletter and he just pumped the heck out of that thing, mentioned how he was always down there, etc.....that thing was a roller coaster ride. In the end most of us hanger-oners for two years were almost at a net zero when it finally got bought out. I'm sure the good Dr. front traded his articles looking back at it.
        In the end what he so expertly stated would happen didn't.
        Think for yourself, look at the Co., read between the lines of any statement, report Co. puts out, but never believe anything from anyone who says they "Have been to the mine"......heck, I've been to mines before, but unless I work there for a year and watch every in-and-out I have NO Authority on it.

      • I think that Christopher sees the truth. I won't be a seller of physical silver - coins at this point.

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