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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Apr 2, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    This is the reason I don't buy close calls

    Just too much manipulation. I just want a couple spikes in the next few months to sell or I can always exercise in Jan depending on World conditions.

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    • exactly all the miners are being hit hard and if they have stories they can tell you can bet the banks are getting in on it to make further declines for no reason.

      its manipulative and fraud but they do it anyway. you can bet they likely bribed many media hit men for today as well

    • It's amazing that the market can still surprise me. This most recent downtrend of silver is unbelievable. Especially with everything that is going on.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Mr Gary Genzeler of Goldman Sachs was appointed Commissioner of the CFTC. He took a look at Mr "Jamie" Dimon's position at JPM of 177 million ounces short and said "no problem".
        Every morning recently at exactly 8:20am, the London market explodes in a wave of short selling. Every opportunity when thin market hours are prevailing, the ASK is hit with tens of thousands of sell contracts.

        The financial markets are being lovingly ballooned by Mr Benjamin Bernanke, just like his friend Mr Alan Greenspan did in the 1990s on Nasdaq 5000, and later the wonderful well bundled housing market.

        These people; Messers Genesler, Dimon, Bernanke, Greenspan joined by Mr Larry Summers, Mr Robert Rubin, Mr Sanford Weill, Messers Corzine, Madoff, Greenberg, Blankfein ,and their other high ranking associates have made great historic changes in this country.

        Many have joined Mr Henry Kissinger up in the state of Conn . They dutifully support our hard working national undocumented visitors here as they trim hedges, cultivate boxwood gardens, cut gigantic lawns surrounding 100 ft marble swimming pools, multiple grass tennis courts, long winding driveways lined by handsome well engineered black limos and assorted modestly priced Italian exotics.

        How lucky we are to have these wonderful people here in these United States and lets us all wish them well in their pursuit of added treasures and honestly earned legal profits

      • Think $27 will hold.
        Excellent buying point for physical.
        Wish I'd win the powerball and have $200 million. I'd spend all of it for physical on delivery just to see market's reaction and if they could actually deliver it.

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