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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Apr 8, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    If I had half a brain.....

    If I had the intestinal fortitude and a bigger brain I would refinance my house due to recently reinflated house pricing which would allow me to extract a fairly decent sum of money and then invest it in EXK at these fire sale prices. Yeah...use a little leverage to gain a ton of shares. I'm not Nostradamus but I have little doubt that EXK will revisit $8/sh in the next 8 months. That would represent a 38% gain from today's current price. Then I would have to stick with game plan, not get greedy expecting even bigger gains, and sell the newly acquired shares paying off the mortgage and pocketing some profit. What's not to like? But then again....I'm not sure I have half a brain!

    And, so, what's my point? $5.79 price per share is ridiculously low!

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    • Buy ACTC, CTSO, BTX, CPST instead. I added twice, today to CTSO. Finally up on EXK @ 6.19%.

    • Yep! I should have refi'd the house yesterday. My wife would have enjoyed the ride up in EXK today!

    • I would discuss these brilliant thoughts of yours to the wife before you decide on any game plan. I'm sure that a JPM investment banker would be happy to advice you.

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      • Newscentral= That was great advice that you passed on to Quail regarding going Balls To The Wall on EXK by using extreme leverage before discussing it with his wife. Had you only counseled me a while back, perhaps I wouldn't have had to move into the barn.

        Please keep sharing, you have access to a ton of pertinent information that enables us to stay in the game.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Today I added to my position, and these numbers do not include the increase in El Cubo. production scheduled for the 3rd quarter The lower silver price might even be to EXK's. ADVANTAGE as it might as it might weed out some of the smaller silver miners that are marginally or not yet profitable. At this time Iam long exk, slw,paas.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • quail- If you do that and it doesn't work out well for you, you can sleep in my barn. No. hold on, if this stock doesn't turn around soon, I'll need the barn myself to sleep in. We can share providing you don't snore.

      Seriously though, my expectation is that the bull run in pm's has a long way to go and that by years end we still may make the $20 dollar mark. I realize that Mr Market has been kicking our butt for quite some time but I'm normally a Half Full king of guy and not easily turned.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Fghting the Fed, fighting the herd mentality of the Wall Street pukers, and now fighting Goldman's hard assets/gold short recommendation..Other than those "small" details, it ain't been a day at the beach !..Looks like we will be hitting the $5.40 mark soon,,Once again, we shall trade in and out..That's the best we can do until "chickens come home to roost"..

      • Hey Mainman! If things don't go right, perhaps you'd allow me to pitch my little 4 person REI tent next to your barn. But, in all seriousness, my suggestion that EXK could revisit $8 in the near future understates the value of this company and your higher figure of $20 is certainly doable unless the world rushes to digital money (bitcoins) when the fiat currencies go into "dive" mode. Can the world really ignore silver and gold on a currency collapse and substitute virtual internet money? Methinks not! But reaching $8/sh in the near future seems like a no brainer. GLTU

      • I wish that I had a barn.

        The Terronera vein is more than 900 meters long by 300 meters deep. The TR9-1 has a very strong grade interval of 4,460 gpt silver and 2,24 gpt gold over 0.42 meters wide. The TR08-1, TR08-3, TR10-1, TR09-03, TR10-1, TR12-2, TR13-2, TR18-1 are in operation. The TR12-2 is a very wide vein and holds (Terronera) of 2000 Ag gpt.

        They had two drill rigs in place in the latter part of 2012. Use your mapping service and see the number of rigs now. I expect that third and fourth quarter earnings to be very strong. I also believe that some of this inventory will be held back until Q3 and Q4.. They have given some guidance today on Q2. To take advantage of write-offs at El Cubo, a smart accounting plan is in place. I have much more to say about land operations, mining operations and their business plans, but another day. I also have an update on London metal activities with tag to New York, along with government and business intentions to buy silver. Think about the purchase of bullets by HLS, along with monitoring of water supplies and the use of silver in water processing as well as in high tech defense and NASA. Remember that the government keeps secrets, but some colleges with government -NASA and high tech contracts research grants tend to have two fashions on their campuses.

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