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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Apr 13, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    A simple worded opinion

    Financial dealings and social economic manipulation never sleep. The ones involved in this are laughing every day, all day. We live in a dishonest and corrupt world, and the middle class is a financial victim and is getting destroyed by those who don't contribute to society in honest ways.

    The formerly enormous middle class that dominated the American social structure for most of a century is crumbling before our eyes.

    Our national debt will continue to skyrocket in the years to come. The rich and powerful know that there is no solution, the makers of the injustice to begin with are collecting as much money now as they can. The rich are and will continue to buy silver and gold coins and bars. Why should we sell. With silver, I would never sell.

    I'm no longer invited to banking parties, but I still remember how they had laughed and joked about shorting the comex. They said that the comex was a tool of manipulation to control the common tools, the jerks who liked to post on message boards. Some interesting reads are by Thomas Lifson, Greg Smith who worked for GS, and I would also include, among many others, Christopher Baker, who has written a truthful article on manipulation of the dollar and the manipulated actions to metals. There are many books out there that discuss how the middle class is being eliminated.

    Silver should not be falling. EXK is a great company. If you sell your silver coins, the bankers will be laughing in your face within a few years and they won't thank you for selling to them. Profits will buy their girlfriends and wives diamonds - not giving you the change to help pay for your daughter or granddaughter's education.

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    • newscentral, you make some solid points, however I question the characterization of the "rich and powerful laughing". They are not laughing, this is not motivated by pure greed to buy diamonds for their wives. They are acting like rats corned in a no win situation. They are scared and resorting to shameless manipulation to feed a hunger created by a dearth of precious metals. The FED has directed entities like JPM to suppress prices of gold and silver largely, in the past, to maintain the appearance that its policies are doing no harm on the inflation front. This policy is now backfiring in an extreme way that threatens to collapse the system. No one is shorting the COMEX, they are trying to stave off the collapse of the COMEX, and hold back the crushing request that sovereign nations around the globe are making that seek to repossess their physical supplies from their "thought to be" resting places. That the "emperor has no clothes" is a vision that is becoming all to obvious. Recent articles have pointed out the huge removals of physical assets from the JP Morgan and NY FED vaults. The system is imploding onto itself, and the powers that be, those you call "the rich", a woeful mis-characterization, are trying desperately to manipulate the price of the paper discovery, so extreme as to create pressure on the part of those holding the physical, to part with their metal. The powers behind this are essentially "the fiat currency makers", they make others rich, they themselves have fiat value greater than the money supply they sway, They may also not intend to save the system, and instead wish to perpetrate their last magic trick with a price collapse that allow them to buy as much physical as they can potentially for themselves and not the institutions that have so poorly served the exchange and storage process.

      I noticed some agency downgraded EXK yesterday, a Saturday. To punish the miners is an attempt to support the illusion. But the physical prices hold. jw

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I have written articles and posted a few on the net about the broad range of economics, subjects being our economic monetary system and how it is controlled. I'll let that go for now and maybe post some of that stuff later.

        All major banks are international banks. Our government does not represent the people, they represent banks. Whoever controls credit controls policy, so a country in debt is no longer in charge of its economic affairs. In other words, banks tell our government what policies to introduce. World- wide free trade benefits bankers because instead of us, the USA, producing our own goods at relatively high wages, we can import our goods from countries where wages are less. Bankers and multinational corporations control by loans causing unemployment in this country.

        "Give me the right to issue and control a nation's money and I care not who governs the country." International Banker Meyer Rothschild

        Picture yourself as a person with enough money to make interest-bearing loans and becoming a banker. The more loans you make, the more profits you make, and the bigger the borrower, the bigger the profits! Along with other bankers, you have your hands on the ‘wealth of the world' literally!

        Ah, so wouldn't it be cool if you could get governments to borrow your money while you control it? In the U.S., you could call yourself the official-sounding ‘Federal Reserve (central) Banking System' and make huge profits on money you loan to the government, while your true allegiance, of course, remains with your private profits and bank investors!

        With no labor and no sweat, you now expand your money-making machinery by joining foreign ‘central' bankers loaning money to all types of governments, revolutionaries, terrorists, mercenaries, secret agencies and other entities, large and small - everywhere - who keep profits flowing for not only yourself but for other beneficiaries who get caught up in ‘profit-fever'.

      • i would agree with news that the ones that are close to the scene of the crimex are indeed laughing. and why not laugh? They have the backing and endorsement of federal regulators so why would they be scared? They cannot be touched! They can laugh as everyone scrambles and runs for the exits all the while they're timing their physical purchases. rumors that there's nothing backing the comex are just that rumors...and there isn't anybody beating the drum that is loud enough or reputable enough for the allegation to gain any tracking. these allegations always easily dismissed.

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