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  • jwtechy jwtechy Apr 14, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

    Sunday evening and the cartel is hard at work hammering silver ahead of the supply shock news...

    It's almost comical.

    I'd love to chat with the endeavor holders who sell their shares because of the paper price of silver doing a radical disconnect with the price the company will fetch when they sell it.

    Not so spooky when you know what they are doing and why.
    Just raise capital and keep adding to the stash, is what I'm going to be doing...

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    • It will be interesting to see the 13-F INT reporting for the 1st.

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      • newscentral, I think its going down tonight,,,the end of fiat currency as we know it,,,COMEX failure, JPM failure, crisis of confidence, Bond rates start to sky rocket, derivative positions blow up...all because the cartel forgot to turn off the machine on a Sunday night and exposed the fraud in the system.
        Where is the CFTC when you don't need them??
        p.s. silver now down 6.3% or a $1.66 as I type. 9.57 pm est. Sunday night the 14th of April.Gold getting its teeth kicked in as well. Seems someone failed to re-hypothicate the Cypriots gold with every one else'

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    • Silver is in free fall, having a broken down chart and no support below. Every EXK seller for the last 18 months has been on the winning side of that decision in a big way. You are one of the relatively few who want to fight the trend. EXK may recover in a year or two and be fine but the odds are that it hits $4 before seeing $6.50 again. I know some will say they will load up at $5 or $4.50 but that is what they said at $9, $8, $7 and $6. Some of the worst things anyone can do in the market is to fight the trend and let losses run.

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      • so is that Joe retail selling his silver on a Sunday night?
        p.s. or are my posts making somebody mad? So hammer the metal that feeds so many?
        .p.s.s. price drops just increase scarcity. The cartel will learn a very valuable lesson by the time this is all said and done...

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