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  • bk194 bk194 Apr 19, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    Everyone has a price, don't we?


    This is getting downright disgusting to see our solid investment wither away. I firmly believe, as I'm sure many of you do, that EXK will eventually recover. So, I want to take a poll. At what downward/upward price would you sell all your shares? Would you ever sell them or let them go to 0 if silver is manipulated to single digits? What price are you hoping to get once the price per share recovers?

    As for me:

    I'll be forced out at $3/share
    I'm hoping to get $8/share

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    • I own 2000 shares at $5.33. Keeping a close eye on it because I think I will buy another 2000 soon to average down. Not sure right now how low this can go but thinking$4.50 seems to be good support. Sorry to those who are in at much higher prices but if you think this stock will turn around then think about averaging down. Silver won't rebound very fast though. So if you need $7 or $8 it will be awhile unfortunately.

    • I'll buy your 3 dollar shares now if that will help?

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    • Call me skeptical, but I don't trust the motives of any poster I don't personally know taking a poll of what price one would finally sell, and I sure don't want to see a bunch of others divulging that info on a message board. Don't feed the sharks!

    • As hard as it is to admit, I am in at just under $9.00/share, currently holding 21k shares. Right now I can say I would gladly sell at $8/sh and take a big loss. It's better than the loss I see on paper today. BUT, if it makes it back to $8/sh, then that means something has changed or the manipulation has let up and silver and miners are more than likely soaring again. If that is the case, I have no doubt we could see $10/sh again. The fact remains that the only thing that has changed in recent months is the price of silver. EXK is mining more and more silver/gold each year and growing at a rapid pace. If silver soars, so does EXK. Plus there is always the STRONG possibility of a buyout. Especially considering the fact that Brad Cooke has actually gone on record, stating that is his ultimate goal. To become so big and so appealing, that some bigger company will want to buy them out.

      As far as my "limit" to sell. Never. I am far beyond the point of a stop/loss on this bad boy. Lol. No way I would sell today or any day lower. It's how the stock market works. Stocks go up, stocks go down. I refuse to sell my shares and lose that much money only to see the stock a year from now, back at a high point.

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