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  • savage_planet savage_planet Apr 19, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    already own exk shares, should i buy silver coins or Silver Wheaton shares?

    I already own some Endeavour shares. I don't want to buy any more as diversity is a good thing.

    I could buy gold. Some people say silver is better as silver gets used up more than gold.

    The trouble in buying silver coins is the risk they will get stolen. That leaves shares in Silver Wheaton. But people say if you can't hold it you don't own it.

    What do people here think of buying some shares in Silver Wheaton? At least it pays a dividend.

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    • Agree with bog and soy post below. Silver will be first element to become extinct, so I believe you have to hold at least some physical. Buy a heavy safe load it up with crates of ammo and have it professionally installed and bolted to floor. Line it with ammo, so even if someone tries to burn through it they will get seriously injured. I have silver proofs that I bought for $7.50 and I thought that was expensive back then. Maple leaf (gold) has new laser etch on reverse for anti-counterfieting.....price over spot is excellent...can't say the same with any silver out there except off brand generic 5 and 10 oz. bars. which I have bought much of the past week.
      RGLD and SLW along with AG and AUY are all trading at excellent values right now, but some day ALL paper stocks will be taken away in some form of confiscation or taxation, so you have to have an end plan to convert to physical sometime. Owned RGLD from $9 through $100 over the years and traded it hundreds of times, but in the end it's a quality company. (Recent weakness is because of Barricks prob. with mine in South America).
      p.s. A good safe can be had for under $3k installed. See if you can find one with stainless steel sandwiched between inner and outer skin. Buy the biggest, thickest one you can afford. It will last forever and your kids will be handing it down for generations to come.

    • Buffet says that diversification is for those who can't make up their mind, but then he says a lot of things I can't quite buy myself. Physical and miner stocks are entirely different types of assets as I'm sure you know, and each has a strong point in it's favor. Physical is almost 0% risk, I've kept mine in safe deposit boxes for years, even while full time RV'ing because I'm totally sure that I can get to the branch holding my gold, before it's closed. As a mine stock investor/trader I tend to keep up on such things, so I don't worry about SD boxes. The cost is minimal.

      Gold stocks as an investment have tended to out perform the metal in the past, however recently that hasn't proved true. They are more liquid, and can be used for swing trading, but are only promises on a piece of paper. You simply decide how much you want to have for sure even at sacrificing some gain, and then put the rest into stock. Three good solid gold companies, maybe Royal Gold which is a bargain right now, should let you sleep and give excellent results. Do your DD!


      Sentiment: Buy

    • I own metals, metal stocks and a couple of bio/drug stocks. The fair value of volatility is assessed at least in part on money flow and bank trading. I like what I own, but may consider a small VIX type position at some point.

    • 2013 silver eagles is what i'd recommend buying. although premiums are high right now due to the demand and low silver prices. i keep my coins well hidden even if my house was broken into i don't think any burglar would find them. slw is a good company. but i'd recommend AG over slw.

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