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  • scraven71 scraven71 May 8, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    Chris Barker Effect

    I have been trying to figure out why EXK has over the last two years or so been so much weaker than its peers. It looks to me like it simply has been deflating from the pump job performed by Barker/Motley Fool ( "EXK is the perfect stock" -- "I toured the mine" etc.) that had inflated the stock price, and yes, that sucked me in to this mess of a loss. At this point, finally, it looks like EXK is fairly valued to its peers and further underperformance is unlikely. Did others here buy the Barker cool aid or is everyone committed to the claim that some cartel has singled out EXK for special punishment?

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    • jeff44gunny May 9, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

      I AM a hardrock Miner here in Colorado, and have visited the Mines in Guanajuato myself this past winter. I have friends that live in that area, and know it well. I was able to talk to the miners, look at the plant at Cata, and see El Cubo with my own eyes. Even so, i know nothing about these guys, and their mines. The miners like that they have a job, and there is alot of Endevour signs around the countryside promoting their partnership with the locals, and the enviroment. I Want them to be sucessful, but i havent a clue whats going on with this company. It all looks good on the surface, but as a buisness, who knows. Endevour, and Great Panther Silver are very welcome to the Economy of Guanuajuato...

    • If there is ONE thing I have learned over the years; NEVER trust anyone writing an article when they say they "toured the mine". Their views will be blatantly biased, Period.

      Touring a mine gives them no more authority than someone who didn't, in fact it creates a conflict of interest or perhaps a chance to front run the article, which many writers if not most do.

      Do I have to tour Apple, GM, or GE's HQ to get a reading on their stock price?...of course not. These guys are wow'd by the mine itself. they get pumped going into the tunnels, seeing big machines, etc......thus no reason to even read their articles.
      Nothing against EXK here, just saying any writer, unless he is already skilled in mining himself can deduce what is a good or bad mine.
      Have you EVER read a bad piece on a miner where the writer stated he "toured the mine" and then goes on to tear the company apart?.....of course not.

    • I really don't think too many people give MF articles much merit. If they do, they might need to rethink their research strategies. That being said, I have never heard of Chris Barker.

      I don't think EXK has been singled out for special punishment either. I think it has just been a series of unfortunate events. The El Cubo purchase took a toll on the share price. Then Aurico sold their shares. Then the drop in silver price. It all just adds up. I imagine it will take a series of events to push us higher as well. The most important being a rise in silver price.

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      • What beast said. Chris Barker has written pieces about the fundamentals of various miners and has maintained that EXK is one of the best in that regard. I don't disagree with his take, but unfortunately, as Beast has pointed out, there have been a series events one after another that have weighed heavy on the stock price. We need to get some space from a couple of them, hope silver rebounds soon and count on increased productivity in the near will happen. Everything goes thru cycles, and my opinion is that we are on the bottom end of one of those cycles right now. We will look back some day and wish we had bought more at this price.

    • Hey scraven,
      I can't remember how I got interested in this stock. I know it wasn't Chris Barker. I've been in some dogs before by listening to Jay Taylor. This is not a dog. There's just not a lot of love for this stock right now. That's OK.
      I got in this stock about 4 or 5 years ago, and if you look at the revenue growth over those years it's gone up dramatically. Used to be in HL, and this stock is so much stronger than HL.
      I have no regrets. Got more shares of EXK here than ever, yeah, the stock has lagged, oh well, that just gives me a nice entry point. And I'm planning to buy more this morning. Saw BRD released more drilling results yesterday. Looking to buy more of them too.
      The shares of all the miners are really beaten down here, sort of like 2008-2009. There's talk that the Gold Bull Run is over, but it's not. It's just getting ready to run again. The world is awash in money and debt, and gold and silver will go much higher. That's why most of us are in the stock.

    • I did quick chart (2 years comparison) for few silver producers (AG, GPL, PAAS) and it didn’t show any particular deviation for EXK. Maybe, MF promoted other silver stocks too :)?

      Regarding Barker’s articles, I see them sometimes and in most cases I disagree with contents.

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      • I am not a subscriber, but have noted in many of their promo e-mails that there is one that Mötley Fool touts quite heavily and that is Silver Wheaton. Barker writes for them independently it appears and studies the sector in what seems a little more impartially than the promo machine that is MF. Barker like EXK, Majestic Silver and SilverWheaton.

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